Disney YES Program: College Edition

College Edition: Disney Youth Education Series

Spark creativity and unlock the potential within your students! Disney Youth Programs are valuable learning experiences that harness the power of Disney storytelling and the magic of Disney parks. - Disney Youth

The Disney YES Program is an educational adventure that makes the perfect add-on to your groups Walt Disney World visit. There are a wide variety of different courses offered to students of all ages, the subjects covered ranging from performing arts to chemistry and physics.

One of the coolest things about these programs is they not only offer elementary, middle, and high school student courses but also specific girl and boy scout programs, as well as college-level courses. This is an extremely useful course option for any university student, the experience both really fun and really insightful. You will undoubtedly walk away with leadership and business skills you hadn't had before, a vital part to your college and career future.

Take a look at the currently offered courses offered at Walt Disney Land, Florida (the only Disney park offering college-level learning experiences).

*Note: Tickets to the park must be acquired to take advantage of these programs.

  • Disney's Creativity: A Leader's Role

    This 'experimental' course provides valuable insights into a successful leaders role in 'creating and supporting an environment that stimulates and encourages creativity within a team'. This concept is explored using the Disney model of success in leadership and focuses on creativity as a vital business tool.

    Major Learning Points: An understanding of creative discontent, an understanding of the Disney creative approach, the ability to identify the 4 critical elements to thrive as a leader, the ability to analyze your own team, and successful participation in a college-based challenge.


    *Must complete the Techniques of Teamwork or Leadership Strategies courses first, as this course is an add-on.
    *Must be 18 years or older and currently enrolled in a college or university.

  • Disney's Leadership Strategies

    In Disney's Leadership strategies your group will explore the various useful tools and strategies that 'promote effective problem solving, decision making, and leadership skills', by following the Disney model already put in place. During the course, your group will investigate proven strategies employed here in-depth, the entirety of the session lasting 3.5 hours.

    Major Learning Points: Identify Disney's 3 concepts for business success, identify the 4 leadership skills for successful leaders, understand the importance of team communication, explore different leadership styles, be able to handle situational adaptation as a leader.


    *Must be 18 years or older and currently enrolled in a college or university.

  • Disney's Techniques of Teamwork

    Teamwork and communication within a team are the subjects focused on in this course, as is the personal responsibility in the process of forming the best performing team. Individual accountability is explored, and an exciting strategy challenge is presented. There is always a guest speaker presenting their own strategies for leading a team, as well.

    Major Learning Points: Understand importance of coming to consensuses as a team, understand vitality of independent responsibility within a team, understand the importance of supporting one's team, be able to define the meaning of a team in general, understand key elements for developing a strategic plan, complete a team challenge


    *Must be 18 years or older and currently enrolled in a college or university.

  • Disney's Culture of Excellence

    Magic Kingdom will provide a setting for this entertaining and insightful learning experience, the course allowing your group to discover key elements of 'Disney's formula for success'. During the course, you will explore the concept of a 'purposefully creative culture to achieve one's goals', a major feature in the park and Disney business conglomerate overall.

    Major Learning Points: Be aware of the advantage of a creative culture within a business, examine your own current creative cultural elements, be able to define the 4 cultural elements of the Disney model, identify your current university's creative culture, define cast excellence and guest satisfaction.


    *Must complete the Techniques of Teamwork or Leadership Strategies course beforehand.
    *Must be 18 years or older and currently enrolled in a college or university.

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