Disney YES Program: Science Edition

The Disney YES (Youth Education Series) Program is one of the most underutilized and entertainingly educational things you can enroll your student group in this school season.

Exploring Disney

Within the information-rich settings of Disneyland and Walt Disney World, these educational sessions provide hands-on educational adventures for students and teachers alike, the massive range of subjects offered bouncing between performing arts, business, history, and science.

The science program options are meant for groups of 10 or more and typically last an average of 3 hours. Each option within this range works to show students the various real-life science applications in regards to the park, its various animal residents, its rides, and all things Disney Imagineering!

Your group must buy park admission passes for the day during your visit, but of course we have never had a group upset about this, the overall experience allowing them to both learn and play in one of the most sought after entertainment venues in America.

Applied Science

Your eager student group will be able to choose from any of these 7 Applied Science program options during their visit. Note that there are only 2 options (Energy and Waves and Properties of Motion) in California.

  • Everyday Chemistry (Elementary, Middle School, Junior High) Florida

    Teach your students the basics of modern chemistry and its practical applications with this lab experience at Epcot.

  • Energy and Waves Physics Lab(Elementary, Middle School, Junior High) Florida and California

    AST Students at Disney

    AST Students at Disney

    In California your group will learn all about the energies of light and sound from a professional physicist, and in Florida do the same at the Magic Kingdom. The electromagnetic spectrum will be discussed, as will more complicated physics features in the special 201 course.

  • Experiencing Synergy in Science (Elementary) Florida

    Explore how creativity and technology come together to create unforgettable entertainment at Epcot.

  • How Things Move (Elementary) Florida

    Physics, magnetism, and fuel are all concepts explored within Magic Kingdom, in regards to ride design and execution.

  • Properties of Motion Physics Lab (Elementary, Middle School, Junior High, High School) Florida and California

    Learn all about force, motion, and gravity within Florida's Magic Kingdom or kinetic energy and speed in California's Disney Adventure Park.

  • Evolution of Technology (Middle School, Junior High, High School) Florida

    The development and acceleration of technological advancement are explored in depth at Epcot's Futureworld.

  • Science of Imagineering: Gravity (Middle School and Junior High) Florida

    A general overview of the ultimate power of science at Disney parks.

Environmental Studies

For a little more in depth science studies try any of these Environmental Studies programs at Walt Disney World, Florida. 

  • Discovering Marine Life Conservation (Elementary, Middle School, Junior High)
  • Exploring Careers in Marine Science (Middle School, Junior High, High School)
  • Exploring Careers in Zoological Sciences (High School)
  • Principals of Animal Behavior (Elementary)
  • Sustainable Practices in Wildlife Conservation (Middle School, Junior High, High School)

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