Entrepreneurship Tours in New York City

In middle school and high school, students are often asked what they want to be when they leave academia. What major do they want to study, which college should they go to...However, many young students have a burning passion for business, technology, and other fields that lend well to entrepreneurship. For those inspiring souls, seeing is better than believing. Take them on a tour of one of the most entrepreneurial cities in the entire world, New York City, and grant them an inside look into the real world of business.

Federal Reserve - The central bank of the United States, the Federal Reserve sets the monetary policies by influencing the economy, supervising and regulating nationwide banks, and keeping the financial system stable. The entire Federal Reserve system is split into regions, the largest of which is headquartered in New York City.

  • Museum & Gold Vault Tour - The New York bank offers guided tours for groups, schools, and individuals up to 25 people. Monday through Friday, you'll have the opportunity to explore the bank museum learning about the history and duties of the Fed. After that, you'll travel down to the Gold Vault and learn about the Fed's responsibilities in "gold custody," as well as catch a glimpse at the incredible gold storage they keep.

Garment District - Not all entrepreneurship is about money, sometimes it's an expression of passion to create unhindered. For students interested in fashion design, head to the Garment District, one of the three major fashion districts in the world alongside Milan and Paris. Here you'll encounter designers, workshops, boutiques, and runways creating the newest fashions that have yet to hit the stores and magazine pages.

  • Free Garment District Walking Tour - The official tour of the historic Garment District, let Mike's NYC Tours take you on a historical, retail, and manufacturing exploration. Mike himself has been in the business since 1965 and knows a thing or two about the largest and most important fashion district in the U.S. Move through time, hearing interesting histories from the creation of the sewing machine to devastating factory fires, the best fashion designers in the business, and so much more!
  • Educational & Historical Tours - Through a variety of popular companies, explore the Garment District by learning its history, touring its best landmarks, and getting a private look into certain workshops and the backend of the retail industry.
  • Shopping Tours - Though these are less educational and more retail therapy, everyone likes shopping in a new city, especially when that city is New York. The Shopping Tours are led by a variety of companies, many of which put a designer or buyer in the guide seat and let them take you to the best spots in New York from an insider's perspective.

Rockefeller Center - One of the most entrepreneurial people in U.S. history, John D. Rockefeller built a name for himself as an industrialist. The fame and fortune followed through his entire family, including his son John D. Rockefeller, Jr. after whom Rockefeller Center is named. The Fifth Avenue location, across from the historic St. Patrick's Cathedral, was leased and began to develop it in 1930. After the stock market crash of 1929, Rockefeller decided to finance the development all on his own, commissioning the largest private building project at the time and creating hundreds of jobs in a difficult time. Though the 1930s construction originally held a variety of offices including British Intelligence, you'll now find the headquarters of NBC Studios, Fox News Channel, and the Time&Life Building which is part of the mega-complex of buildings.

  • Rockefeller Center Tours - Whether it's an audio tour or guided, tours of the Rock Center lead you through the history, art, and architecture of one of the most important buildings in New York. Discover the industrial history of the Rockefeller family, John D. Rockefeller, Jr.'s other contributions to the city, the most incredible landmarks and hidden sites of the building complex, and much more!