Why Rainforest Cafe Provides than Just a Meal

Why Rainforest Cafe Provides more than Just a Meal

Rainforest Cafe is a truly wild restaurant that sits within a unique, engaging and stimulating rainforest atmosphere, complete with interactive animal animatronics, simulated thunderstorms, and storytelling decor that each take the experience above and beyond your typical dinner out. 

With over 22 U.S locations and 5 international locations**, Rainforest Cafe is most certainly one of the greatest modern places to learn about, and eat in, a rainforest (besides, of course, an actual rainforest.)

Tour and Travel Groups

One of our favorite things about the Rainforest Cafe, besides the deliciously mesmerizing Sparkling Volcano Dessert, is that they not only offer your group a great meal, they will also offer your group a great educational journey through the rainforest. Working closely with school groups, educational tour groups, team building groups, receptions, celebrations, and dances since opening in 1994, Rainforest Cafe Tour Guides will take you through the scenery of the restaurant and explain various animals and plants seen throughout. They actually work so well with groups that they can typically take reservations for groups of 15 or more every 90 minutes.

With a large group you have several additional benefits as well, such as encounters with the Wild Bunch, a funky animatronic gang entertaining onsite, WILD retail incentives and pre-purchase opportunities within the souvenir shop, and last but certainly not least, group menus made to 'amuse and accommodate all on your group journey'.

 Meal Options

Rainforest Cafe will provide your group with a very large variety of lunch or dinner menu options, the plethora of menus created to fit any budget and any group size. There are seriously so many options we aren't going to list them all here, but we will list the cheapest, most expensive, and Goldilocks-Perfect in-between options for your group to consider.

  • Lava Flow Group Menu - $14-$16 per person.
    Big Islander Caesar Salad, Pepperoni Flatbread, Planet Earth Pasta, Chocolate Cookie
  • Canopy Group Menu- $22-$24 per person.
    Cheese Sticks, Chicken Salad, Rascal Sliders and Fries, Turkey Wrap, Pita Quesadilla, Coconut Fried Shrimp, Ice Cream Sandwiches
  • Volcano Group Menu - $54-$56 per person.
    Appetizer Platter, Big Islander Caesar Salad, Steak, Exotic Fish Platter, Rasta Pasta, Moho Bones Ribs, Smoked Salmon, Cherry Cheesecake

Educational Tour Points

The academic-based tour offered at Rainforest Cafe will provide you with an on-site expert jungle guide who will take you through the thick of the rainforest and point out various creatures and plants in the jungle. After the tour, your group will get to take part in any of the above Wild Safari Feasts during a thunderstorm!

Rainforest Cafe does these tours 7 days a week daily before 11 am. They will work with any age group or special need, and they will even make special tours for ages 4-12. There are special late night packages available upon request because overall Rainforest Cafe just wants to 'help educate the public and area schools about the wonders of the Rainforest, the endangered species, and the conservation efforts made to protect the planet's fragile ecosystems.'

Here are some more specific learning points you will encounter:

  • Rainforest Ecosystem
  • How we can help save the Rainforest
  • How to protect endangered animals
  • Silverback Gorillas
  • Tree Frogs
  • Elephants
  • Orangutans
  • Snakes
  • Leopards
  • Tigers
  • Iguanas

(The above educational points were taken from the Rainforest Cafe at California's Fishermans Wharf, a big thank you to Erika Teo).

Rainforest Cafe Details:
Open Hours: 11 am to 11 pm, Typically
Major U.S Locations: Disney World Orlando, Mall of America Bloomington, Niagara Falls NY, Grand Ole Opry Tennessee.

**Niagara Falls Canada, Tokyo Japan, London England, Paris France, Dubai UAE.