Game-X Atlanta


If your group is looking for some seriously fun entertainment while visiting Atlanta then you should definitely head to Game-X, Atlanta’s largest amusement arcade and eatery! This fun gaming center is full of high-tech challenges and classic arcade games, not to mention great pub food and even greater downtown ATL views. Game-X is located near Centennial Olympic Park, along Baker Street in the heart of downtown Atlanta. Your group will find over 60 different games within this center, as well as an eatery, 2 full bars, and AV sports setups almost everywhere so sports fans can enjoy the game while playing a game!

Upstairs you will find the Mezzanine that includes a lounge, several flat screens, and unmissable striking city views, and back downstairs you will find the latest in gaming technology! Game-X uses a more eco-friendly ticket and reward system, taking advantage of electronic chips and ticks. You could use your tickets to collect prizes such as electronics, t-shirts, local attraction tickets, stuffed animals, and gag gifts before you go, but first, you have to decide where you are going to start within the game room!

Try your hand at Pong 180, get a workout at NBA Shootout, play an astounding 10 ft game of Connect 4, swipe 60’ fruit on the large-screen Fruit Ninja, or even play your friends at Pac-Man Smash, the air hockey on steroids game. Once you’ve worked up an appetite head to the eatery to get some X-Dogs, Buffalo Wings, Southwest Burgers, or any other Gourmet Sandwiches or drinks.

This is one truly fun stop in Atlanta you and your group won’t want to miss out on!

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