Graycliff Estate

Graycliff Estate

The Jewel on the Lake

Welcome to Graycliff Estate, the lakeside summer estate built by famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1926. This residence is located just 20 minutes south of downtown Buffalo, set on a cliff overlooking Lake Erie.

This home was built for locally prominent couple Isabelle R. Martin and her husband Darwin D Martin, who used it as a summer home from 1927 to the mid-1940s. There are 3 buildings total on the 8.5 acres, including the small Heat Hut, the Foster House, and the main Isabelle R. Martin House. The most notable feature of the main house is the 'pavilion-like center of transparent glass', the design allowing for easy lake viewing. The balconies allow for great views of the terrace, sunken gardens, lake, and even the Falls in the far distance.

When visiting Graycliff your group will have a few different tour options, including the following;

  • Standard Tour - 1-hour tour showing the gardens, grounds, and first floor interior of the Isabelle R. Martin House.
  • Extended Tour - This 1.5-hour tour offers the same as above, with the addition of the second floor of the Martin House and a question and answer session outside on the gorgeous expansive lawn.
  • Open House Tour - Explore the estate at your own pace.