Halloween Trip Ideas for Students: Salem

Spooky, Spine-Chilling Salem

When you think of Halloween, more than likely images of ghosts, ghouls, witches, and black cats come to mind. You may also think of a tiny town in MA that serves as the present-day embodiment of All Hallows Eve.

That's right, we're talking Salem, witch capital of the world!

This town had turned the infamously tragic events of 1962 into a hub of the spooktastic, putting a more positive, yet petrifying spin on the town's history.

Halloween with AST

Halloween with AST Pixabay Public Domain

You will find something scary and fun for all ages during the month of October in Salem, from the fairs and festivals to expos and ghost tours!

It all started in 1982 the city of Salem came together to put on a weekend of spooky fun for anyone visiting the “Witch City”. The first year the festival took place nearly 50,000 guests attended the event. Now 36 years later the event has grown into a month-long festival, a highly attended celebration of the spooky!

Halloween is on the of most celebrated holidays in Salem, which is probably no surprise to you. During October your student group can visit any of the many events such as the Psychic Fair, Witch Expo, and Horror Festival.

On October 1st, in particular, the Annual Psychic Fair and Witch Expo will begin and run throughout the month. Be prepared to dive into a world of amazing impossibilities. At the fair and Witch Market, you can be sure that you will find all the witchcraft essential activities such as tarot card readings, crystal ball scrying, and past life readings. In the marketplace, you will find all the items you will need to be a modern-day Wiccan!

You can also visit the following popular sites in Salem while in the neighborhood!

Are you ready to dive headfirst into the world of monsters and magic? If so call us today and get your group ready for the hauntings of Salem.

-Erin, AST Agent