Islamic Center of America

Islamic Center of America.jpgOften described as the "heart of Shiism" in the United States, Dearborn, Michigan, is home to the largest mosque in North America. The Islamic Center of America is the oldest Shia mosque in the country, dating back to 1964, though the current Dearborn mosque was only opened in 2005.

The beautiful construction is what first strikes awe and wonder into visitors' hearts. The brilliant golden dome reaches 150 into the air as the double minarets soar ten stories tall and call out to all Islamic faithful to join in prayer. The ornate interiors, history, and faith traditions are often featured on the weekly guided tours offered for visiting groups. The mosque often promotes community events and fundraising dinners which visitors may attend as well.

With such a significant, beautiful, and historic religious building close at hand, a visit is a must. If you're in the Dearborn area of Michigan, make sure your group stops by the Islamic Center of America to pay respects, worship, or simply learn more about the expansive religion in America.