Laguna Madre Nature Trail

Laguna Madre Nature Trail

South Padre Island

For a nice nature walk and wildlife watching session while in South Padre Island head to the Laguna Madre Nature Trail, the 1.1-mile nature loop that is perfect for nature lovers of all sorts.

This trail consists of a 1500 foot boardwalk that crosses 4 acres of marshland, an extremely popular spot for birdwatchers to spot coastal and migratory birds. There are over 300 species of birds that frequent the area, attracted to the berries on the fiddlewood bushes, as well as many species of butterflies, turtles, and fish. Bird-wise, you will see such species as warblers, tanagers, orioles, thrushes, and many other types of waterfowl.

The trailhead begins next to Wyland's Whaling Whale at the South Padre Island Convention Center and extends into the wetlands. Along the way, you will see informal plaques with various facts and figures about the marshlands and species, both plant and animal, found within.

We highly suggest you extend this little visit by also stopping in at the Birding and Nature Center, the environmental education center featuring a 5-story viewing tower and plenty of educational exhibits and films within.