Looking for Student Travel Tours? Let Us Help!

We throw out words like ‘best’ and ‘student travel’ a lot when describing our company, but we promise it’s for good reason! At Adventure Student Travel we take a lot of pride in our work, going above and beyond where we can to ensure that whatever group we have traveled is more than satisfied.

Our company started simply just over a decade ago, when a former teacher in a hectic search for the best rates, best destinations, and best modes of transportation decided that it was actually something they had a knack for, making the decision after that trip that they would start a company that did just that: take the hassle out of large group/school trip planning.


Adventure Student Travel Trip

Adventure Student Travel has been working to perfect the art of trip booking each and every day for 12 years since then, and we have a wide clientele base with rave reviews to prove it. Our customers over the years have included teachers and chaperones representing kindergarten through senior year students, as well as student ambassadors themselves and/or their parents.

We specialize in Educational Trips and Senior Trips, though we do much, much more (like a railroad tour of the U.S, foodie tour of Seattle, and church trip to all the holiest spots in NYC). We will provide your group with some of the absolute best options for class field trips, reward trips, student cruises, senior trips, graduation celebrations, and even various school clubs, scout groups, and church group outings.

So what makes us stand apart from any other Student Travel Company? We have 3 pretty good reasons:

  • Flexibility
    At Adventure Student Travel we understand that different groups want different things, or have special needs, which is why we have committed ourselves to be really flexible when it comes to our itineraries and planning. If you choose a trip on our site that you like the idea of but want to change the restaurant choice, mode of transportation, or tour during the day, we’ll help you do that. Nothing is set in stone until the tickets are ordered, so tell us what you want, and we’ll work to make it happen. We’re like Burger King, you can have it your way here.
  • 24-Hour Service
    Another unique feature that sets our company apart from others is the 24-hour service aspect. Of course, we will have a team of agents and reservationists at their desks ready to answer your calls and your questions during normal working hours (8 am to 5 pm), but we also have at least one


    Adventure Student Travel Trip

    agent on call during the evening and night to ensure that you stay safe, satisfied, and on track trip wise during your whole adventure. Your group’s charter bus got a flat tire on the way home from late-night ice cream and you’re not sure who to call to get it fixed at 11 pm? Don’t be afraid to give us a call, it’s our job!

  • Field Trip Experience
    Lastly, but most definitely not least importantly, Adventure Student Travel has Field Trip Experience. Not only are we saying we have 12 years of travel agency experience, but we have specific experience in educational school field trips, ensuring that we will do all that is in our power to keep your entire school group together, keep the trip budget-friendly, and keep the entire group of kids safe. We won’t just book your group trip and hope for the best, we will book your school trip with all intentions on each and every child/teenager on that trip has fun, learns something, and gets home in one piece!