Met Cloisters

The_Cloisters_from_GardenVisit Northern Manhattan to see the unique and informational medieval branch of the Met museum located in beautiful Fort Tryon Park. This portion of the famous NYC museum showcases medieval art in a true French monastery, showing curious guests the cultural and historical wonders of medieval Europe through art, architecture, and gardens. The Cloisters were moved to America and reconstructed in 1938 from four French monasteries. Overlooking the Hudson River, the Cloisters showcase international history, religion, art, and the beauty of human imagination!

Within this amazing complex you will find various collections of art and artifacts set against an unbelievable architectural backdrop. Exhibits show you the history and evolution of medieval art, as well as that of the Met Museum in general.

Admission to the Met grants you access to the Cloisters, the Met Breuer, and Met Fifth Avenue as well, giving you and your group plenty of opportunities for learning and attending special events all throughout the day. Here at the Cloisters you can attend a daily program, concert, or group tour, the concerts including such unique and interesting themes as the "Sounds of Medieval Jerusalem" or "Historic Baroque". You will have several different tours to choose from depending on the group size, function, and timing, such as the gardens tour, highlight tour, and campus tour.

Before you go be sure to stop and fill your belly at Trie Cafe, located on the lower level of this building. Here you will find delicious sandwiches, snacks, desserts, beverages, and coffee, all enjoyed outdoors under the intricate arches and French Medieval walkway!