Morgan’s Wonderland

Morgan's Wonderland

All Ages, All Abilities, Endless Fun!

Morgan's Wonderland is a truly special place to visit while in or near San Antonio, this theme park considered to be the very first theme park designed with special needs individuals in mind. That doesn't mean that it is strictly limited to those with special needs, though!

This 25-acre park was opened in 2010 after a pair of local parents decided their daughter needed a place to play, to really play. Morgan Hartman's parents created this park, a unique special needs school, and countless benefits for the special needs community, quite a feat for these loving parents.

Inside the park, you will find rides, playgrounds, entertainment opportunities, eateries, and even an inclusive waterpark, Inspiration Island. Inspiration Island has waterproof wheelchairs and several different accessible water rides such as the River Boat Adventure, or the musical splash garden Calypso Cove. In the entire park, you will find additional rides such as Wheelchair Swings, Off-Road Adventures, and even a Ferris Wheel and carousel.

There are other fun adventures throughout such as the Sensory Village and Live Action Shows at the amphitheater, a favorite being the puppet show at Hartman's House. Head to the Picnic Place for lunch if you packed your own, or visit Morgan's Munchies or Little Italy for lunchtime options if you didn't!

*If you are interested in an educational field trip for elementary school students we will set that up for you, with specific days set aside at the park for students only, allowing them to explore each learning station in a closed-park environment.

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