Nash House Museum

Edward Nash Sr House

Edward Nash, Sr. House

The Buffalo Nash House, otherwise known as Rev. Edward Nash House Museum, is the "home where a community was built," located adjacent from downtown Buffalo. This historic house served as the humble home of Reverend J. Edward Nash, Sr., from 1925 to 1987. Reverend Nash was a highly influential African American rights advocate in the area, as well as a respected pastor of Michigan Street Baptist Church from 1892 to 1953. Reverend Nash was an outstanding leader and overall presence in the African American community, arguably one of the most respected of his time. Nash worked hard with the church, as well as other programs visiting or establishing in Buffalo such as the NAACP. His widow stayed in the home 30 years after her husband's death, until 1987, and today the home is found on the list of National Register of Historic Homes.

While here you and your group can partake in an hour long comprehensive tour of the grounds, or perhaps just stroll around the home on your own, each room full of incredible home artifacts as well as several sermons and letters crucial to African American history. Enjoy the architecture of the house itself as well, a great example of late 19th century style, a strong wood framed home featuring both a lower and upper flat, recently renovated to its original splendor with most original furnishings. This entire historic property is a seriously integral part of the surrounding Michigan Street Preservation Corporation and is positively full to the brim with interesting and historically accurate stories of various African American leaders who stayed as the Reverend's guests, as well as his influence on the community and nation as a whole.