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Escape Game

Credit Escape Game

Credit Escape Game

Ready, set, ESCAPE!

Nashville's very own escape adventure awaits your group, the Escape Game being the perfect attraction for thrill-seekers, quick thinkers, and those in need of some serious excitement. The Escape Game provides guests with 'an escape from ordinary life that allows you to live the stories you love', so instead of spending time watching a screen full of heroes escaping close calls and impressing audiences with thrilling stunts, you will get to do the escaping yourself!

There are two locations in Nashville, one on 3rd Avenue and one on Iris Drive. The location on Iris Drive offers more game options, though both are the exact same quality of unique entertainment and fun. So what exactly will you experience during your 'most exciting hour of the day'? Here are your escape thrill options:

  • Heist - Difficulty¬†8/10
  • Mission Mars 8/10
  • Gold Rush 7/10
  • Classified 7/10
  • Prison Break 9/10 (Shown Below)
  • Nashville 7/10
  • Underground Playground 6/10

So get ready for an interactive adventure like no other, one full of teamwork, quick thinking, urgency, and determination!

Other Escape Game Locations: Orlando, Chicago, Dallas, Austin, Minneapolis, Houston