New York vs Los Angeles: Student Budget Tips

It's the perfect time to plan your end of the year trip, students, and this handy budget guide to two of the most popular student travel destinations will be the perfect start to your planning process!

Sometimes choosing the perfect location for your student trip, whether it is for fun or for educational purposes, can be extremely difficult, especially when budget is a factor.

To help the decision-making process Adventure Student Travel has created a handy guide to popular student travel locations, comparing two destinations on the basis of airfare, lodging, attraction, and education.

New York City is our top student destination here at Adventure Student Travel, though most groups have one major problem with this trip: the cost. The same situation arises with another top destination, Los Angeles.When you weigh in the attractions, lodging choices, and in-city transportation, however, the decision gets a little more complicated than just budget, though. Head to the Big Apple and explore America's most iconic landmarks and landscapes, or head to Los Angeles for Hollywood-style, quintessential American fun.

Compare the two locations below and consider your fundraising options to get you there here.

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