Old Indian Meeting House

The oldest Native American church in the eastern United States and also the oldest church in Cape Cod, the Old Indian Meeting House is an important historical landmark. Built in 1684, the church was constructed on the site of an even older Native American meeting house from 1670. Utilized as a Christian Church by the Wampanoag people, the location also served as a school as well as a historic meeting place.

In 1833, the Meeting House served as the starting place of the Mashpee Revolt when the parishioners and their pastor revolted against the intrusion of the state government and white settlers thieving wood from tribal lands. In 1923, the site was rededicated and officially declared a historic landmark in 1998.

The Old Indian Meeting House is a famous site in Cape Cod, and a must see while traveling through Mashpee. Stop by for a scheduled event or tour the seven acre grounds for a comprehensive look into the past and learn about the Wampanoag people in the region.