Why You Should Put Traveling on Your Resume


Vagabondish recently addressed the issue that many graduating students may be dealing with – do I need to get a job right away, or can I take time off to travel? Will future employers think I’m slacking off by spending summers abroad or backpacking across Europe for a month?

The answer may surprise you.

Many employers are more impressed with young applicants who sport a wide array of destinations traversed on a resume than they would be with applicants who have been stagnant all their life.

The reason behind this is the immense pool of knowledge and skill that is accumulated while on the road.

Excellent communication is a must when trying to find a bathroom or the next bus, and travelers need to learn different methods of getting their message across than just basic conversation. Negotiation is a skill quickly learned when scouring markets and hailing taxis. Being comfortable and accepting of cross-cultures is crucial in large markets today, as you aren’t likely to be working with strictly Americans in any business nowadays.

When abroad or even on the road across the U.S., independence is required, and goes hand in hand with decision making. You don’t have someone to hold your hand along the way, and it’s up to you to get where you want and when you want it.

Employers demand self-sufficiency, and they’ll know immediately you possess this when they see your trip to Europe or stretch down the West Coast.

Who knows – you could end up making your own career out of traveling!