Riverside Epicenter

Riverside Epicenter

Welcome to the Riverside Epicenter, technically located about 11 miles from Atlanta in Austell Georgia. This community center focused on fun food and fitness provides guests with several different events, entertainment, and fitness opportunities. The entire center is a massive 113,000 square feet, providing the very best in "green business in entertainment." Riverside is "unique in concept by providing a collage of events, entertainment, and wellness activities," a truly popular local fitness center, fun zone, and business meeting and event hall.

While here you and your group can explore the theater, food court, bowling center, rock climbing wall, arcade room, cardio/weight room, NCAA gym, track, basketball court, cycling center, and spa and sauna area. Where else in Atlanta can you see a concert or play, workout, hit the arcade, rock climb, and attend a video conference? This is also a very popular place for student music and performance event festivals, making it an excellent addition to a student field trip! 

Save plenty of time to head over to the food court and check out 600 Degrees Pizza, Subway, the Internet Cafe, or any of the smoothie or fro-yo establishments within!


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