Six Flags Fiesta vs Six Flags Over Texas

If you are a theme park fan living within the boundaries of Texas then you've probably asked yourself one question several times: Six Flags Fiesta or Six Flags Over Texas?

While these two similarly branded theme parks are around four and a half hours away from each other, the customer uncertainty of which one is 'better' makes the rivalry between Arlington (Six Flags Over Texas) and San Antonio (Six Flags Fiesta) seem much, much closer.

When it comes to choosing which one is right for your field trip-bound students you must consider several things, things mostly pertaining to your group's personal needs. Our company specializes in customizing small and large group travel needs, but how about we make it a little bit easier when it comes to planning Texas Six Flags park adventures?

Use this helpful park information before planning your next Lone Star Six Flags adventure.


Thrill Coaster - The big thrill is easy to spot at each park, San Antonio boasting the Poltergeist, the inversion-friendly coaster that seems to get all the screams, and Arlington showing off the insanely fast Mr. Freeze. This toss up all depends on what you like, loop lovers head to Fiesta. If you want to go in reverse, and fast, head to Arlington.
Loop Coaster - If you know you love loops, then this match-up is going to be tough. In San Antonio Superman will let your feet dangle over an astounding total of SIX loops, in Arlington, the Shockwave will send you smoothly through two big ones of its own.
Big Coaster - It may not actually be the biggest, but this coaster match-up is the most iconic in each park, the coaster featured considered to be one of the individual parks very best. San Antonio will give you the 171-foot inversion coaster Iron Rattler, Arlington will throw you the New Texas Giant at 183.


Mine Train - You will find this family favorite in each Texas park, just of different names and themes at each. At Six Flags Fiesta take the Runaway Mine Train around the park to see it all, this being one of the first of it's kind. At Six Flags Over Texas, you can take the RoadRunner through a thrilling and compact course considered to truly be one of the best!
Drop Tower - Everybody loves the excitement that comes with the Drop Tower, the San Antonio version raising 205 feet in the air (Scream), the Superman in Arlington raising an astounding 325 feet. This is what they mean when they say 'everything is bigger in Texas'.
Skyscreamer - Another fun one you'll find at both parks that provide a great match-up is the Skyscreamer, the sky-high swinging favorite. The Fiesta version reaches 200 feet, the Arlington one blowing that out of the water at 400 feet, the tallest in the entire state.


As you can see, while the names of the eateries or food stand at each park may be different, they serve essentially the same thing for the same cost at each.


Park Setting - Of course, this is more of a personal preference as well, but when it comes to overall opinion, it seems that San Antonio's Six Flags Fiesta really blows Arlington's natural setting out of the water. In San Antonio, the park has a gorgeous red rock quarry as a backdrop, and while the setting in Arlington isn't horrible, it just doesn't compare.
City Setting (Things to Do) - On the flip side, when you visit Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington you will have a more activity-filled area to do things outside of the park. For instance, sports and shopping fans will find recreation bliss in Dallas' downtown scene.

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