Fire escape on an old building

Welcome to the neighborhood in Lower Manhattan known as SoHo, or South of Houston Street. This region has been known over the years for being an excellent historic cast-iron district, grandiose urban shopping mall, and even as a famous artists’ haven. Here your group will find a variety of shops ranging from trendy upscale to national and international chain store outlets. Explore the 26 blocks of over 500 buildings and admire the architecture, Belgian Blocked streets, impeccably preserved cast-iron fire escapes, and industrial facades showcasing the wares of Chanel and Prada. See what made this a '70s and '80s contemporary art hot spot as you discover various galleries and artists lofts, as well as why this area was called "Hell’s Hundred Acres" as an old manufacturing zone. This whole district is an archetypal example of inner-city regeneration and gentrification, and you are going to love seeing it up close and personal!