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Destination Inauguration 2017 - Wanderlust Wednesdays

Students, teachers, and lucky post reachers, you’re in for a treat as you feast your eyes upon our new weekly blog series special, Wanderlust Wednesdays. Following popular and relevant travel trends we at AST have decided to take our social media platform trends to the next level and design a specific trendy blog just for you quick travel information seekers.

This week we are talking about a travel topic on everyone’s minds, inauguration 2017! Barely less than a year away, inauguration 2017 in Washington D.C is a super hub for travel activity, all the young fresh minds and responsible voters ready to see their decision making skills in action and watch as a new commander-in-chief gets sworn into office. This destination provides hands-on history experience and is often a once in a lifetime event in person, and your unique chance to be a part of a country-changing moment. Witness living history in this extraordinary culmination of democracy as your group takes part in the most historical event of 2017, the Presidential Inauguration.

Washington DC, USA skyline.

Washington DC, USA skyline. Dreamstime Stock Photos

Here's what your group can look forward to doing while here:


Also see: National Archives, Lincoln Memorial, Korean War Veterans Memorial, Etc.

Washington, D.C. at the White House.

Washington, D.C. at the White House. Shutterstock

Inauguration Day Events:

  • Oath of Office
  • Presidential Address
  • Inauguration Parade


  • Founding Farmers D.C
     American comfort food with a rustic-chic style.
  • 1789 Restaurant  
    A luxe federal house restored meticulously and carrying seasonal American fare.
  • Rasika  
    Modern Indian cuisine featuring tasty treats like crispy spinach.
  • Blue Duck Tavern
    New preparation of locally loved foods.
  • Old Ebbitt Grill  
    Oyster specialties in a regal victorian setting.


  • Student Inaugural Dance and Social Be sure to stop by the big student social the night of, where the party doesn’t stop until the president says so!

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