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Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis

A breathtaking work of art and architecture, the St. Louis Cathedral is a religious wonder built to reflect the glory and majesty of God. Built to replace the Old Cathedral, this stunning construction broke ground in 1907, though the first celebration of Mass did not occur until 1914. In 1926, the church was consecrated and…
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Cathedral of St. John the Divine

New York City is home to numerous religious sites, from Trinity Church to St. Patrick's Cathedral, though few can compete with what some consider the largest Anglican cathedral in the world, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. Rivaled only by Liverpool Cathedral, St. John the Divine reaches a staggering 232 feet and covers 121,000 square…
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St. Patrick’s Cathedral

St. Patrick's Cathedral of Fifth Avenue Manhattan is a magnificent, awe-inspiring Neo-Gothic construction built by the faithful, aspiring, and persevering community of 19th century New York. The original St. Patrick's Cathedral, in downtown Manhattan, had grown too old and small to accommodate the growing Catholic faith after the city was made an archdiocese in 1850. Archbishop John…
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