The Adventure Park at Nashville

The Adventure Park at Nashville

The best climbing and zip line adventure Music City has to offer.

Welcome to The Adventure Park at Nashville, the aerial forest adventure in West Meade providing your group with an 'exhilarating yet safe' recreation experience!

Ages 3 and up can enjoy this park, with various levels of difficulty created to suit all adventurers. You will begin your journey with a safety briefing, teaching you how to climb and zip properly and how to use your harness and equipment. After your briefing, you will be able to create your own adventure essentially, with 12 different trails of varying difficulty total. There are 156 aerial elements and 15 different zip lines all throughout the park!!

The Aerial Adventure Park portion itself consists of 10 different trails. Each ticket enables climbing for up to 3 hours on your selection of trails. Most people do not complete all the trails in a single visit. The Adventure Playground option is intended for children 3 - 6 years old, with the highest obstacle only 24 inches off the ground. There are also special options depending on the season, such as Glow in the Park and Twilight, both fun nighttime adventures.

This attraction is a great way for your students to 'develop endurance, confidence, and challenge [themselves] to step outside [their] comfort zone', plus you can make it into a teambuilding activity very easily! Groups of any sort are welcome here, such as scouts, schools, camps, teams, families, and more!

*There are also Adventure Park locations in Virginia Beach, Sandy Springs, Long Island, Bridgeport, and Storrs.