The Best Food in Disney World

It's no secret that Disney World hands down has the best "theme park" food anywhere. Really, it's delicious food no matter where you are, theme park or elsewhere. And with four major parks to sample and a plethora of restaurants, food shacks and stands, booths, and cafes in each, you're going to need a little help choosing your top picks for your upcoming student trip to Walt Disney World.

Magic Kingdom - The creme de la creme of Walt Disney World. Magic Kingdom is the ultimate theme park destination, bringing in more visitors on average than any park in the entire world. And why shouldn't people adore it? Walk through its gates and find yourself back in time, in far-off lands, stepping into the pages of a storybook, and encountering your favorite characters. The food is just as tantalizing, we promise.

  • Table Service: Be Our Guest ($$-$$$) - Set in Beast's castle, you get to eat in the ballroom, the Rose Room, or the West Wing. Reservations are required for all meals. Crystal Palace ($$-$$$) - Beautiful setting, great food, and character meets galore.
  • Counter Service: Columbia Harbour House ($) - Delicious clam chowder and other New England style eat at an affordable price. The Friar's Nook ($-$$) - Their wonderful and creamy macaroni and cheese can't be beaten. The Diamond Horseshoe ($-$$) - For lunch, you get the basic sandwiches but for dinner is an all you can eat buffet of American cuisine.
  • Snacks: Cheshire Cafe ($), Gaston's Tavern ($) - Belle's would-be-beau's own tavern complete with antler decorations and portraits of himself. Try the LeFou's Brew, it's quite delicious. Sleepy Hollow ($) - Offers some of the best snacks in the whole park including homemade ice cream sandwiches, waffle and fruit Nutella sandwiches, and funnel cakes.

Hollywood Studios - Based on the glamour and intrigue of Hollywood, the lure of the backlot studios and the movie magic made there, Hollywood Studios is loads of fun. They also have an incredibly fun range of foods - some of which are themed to various shows/movies.

  • Table Service: 50s Prime Time Cafe ($-$$) - Eat in a restaurant where you and the staff are all families but be sure to clean your plate and keep your elbows off the table or you'll get in trouble! The American style plates are absolutely delicious. Hollywood Brown Derby ($$$-$$$$) - Rather expensive, this iconic restaurant is based off an actual Hollywood eatery and the food is divine. Sci-Fi Dine-In Restaurant ($$-$$$) - Eat in an old convertible while you watch old science fiction movies.
  • Counter Service: ABC Commissary ($-$$) - Designed as a restaurant for studio employees, it's a great place to get into the spirit of Hollywood Studios. Catalina Eddie's ($) - Pretty great Italian options. Min & Bill's Dockside Diner ($) - One of the only places to get a hot dog in a pretzel bun.  Toy Story Pizza Planet ($-$$) - Iconic restaurant from the Toy Story movies; it's a hoot!

Epcot - The entire concept of Epcot surrounds the melding of countries and cultures, making the food at Epcot wonderfully diverse and authentic. Disney actually hires people from the pavilions' countries of origin (people from Germany work in the Germany pavilion) which makes for an even more authentic experience for you. While you can eat

on the Future World side of the park, we recommend that you take advantage of the international cuisine across the lake.

  • Table Service: Biergarten ($$-$$$) - An authentic German buffet right next to a stage playing live polka and German folk music. Le Cellier Steakhouse ($$$-$$$$) - Expensive but all around fabulous with high reviews. Chefs de France ($$-$$$) - Very bright and airy serving mouthwatering French cuisine.
  • Counter Service: Fife & Drum Tavern ($) - Turkey legs and an early American atmosphere = fun and delicious. Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie ($-$$) - Good for snacks and a light entree, this boulangerie only serves French sandwiches and baked goods but it's worth it. Katsura Grill ($) - Sushi, Teriyaki chicken, authentic Japanese snow cones...yummy, affordable, and right next to the beautiful zen garden.
  • Snacks: L'Artisan del Glaces ($) - French ice cream flavors right in the heart of the France pavilion, this ice cream joint is scrumptious and the perfect option for a hot day.

Animal Kingdom - Surprisingly, or maybe not so surprising, Animal Kingdom has amazing food. I say surprisingly because even though it is the largest park by land mass, it has the fewest attractions and restaurants. However, walking through the warm Florida sunshine with an ice cream in your hand and animals all around you, it's a thoroughly delightful adventure.

  • Table Service:  Tusker House ($$-$$$) - Pricier than most of Animal Kingdom but highly rated for its buffet selection and ambiance. Yak and Yeti Restaurant ($-$$) - Delicious Asian inspired meals that delight.
  • Counter Service: Pizzafari ($) - Fun for lunches with an array of pizza and kinds of pasta. Yak and Yeti Cafe ($) - Here you'll find an interesting menu with everything from Korean stir-fry to a vegetable couscous wrap and pineapple coconut cake for dessert. Harambe Market ($) - Highly rated for its flatbreads, gyros, and chicken skewers.
  • Snacks: Eight Spoon Cafe ($) - Where else are you going to get baked three-cheese pasta and a soft pretzel at a snack place.