The Ultimate Student Cruise

In recent years, the luxurious mode of travel that is cruising through the open sea has somewhat lost its glamour and prestige and has fallen into being considered old-fashioned. This stigma is fairly underserved and the myths surrounding the affordability, amenities, and such are unfounded. In actuality, cruises are a fabulously affordable mode of vacationing as moving all-inclusive resorts that usher you in style to the beautiful Caribbean, the colorful shores of Mexico, and the frozen glory of Alaska. There's no limit to what you can see and do aboard a moving resort and, let's be honest, the views are always killer. Here are some of the top cruise destinations for students:


Alaska is one of those rare destinations where land travel is quite difficult. Sure, you could hop over to the frozen tundra in a plane or glide through the mountains aboard a train but then you wouldn't see the lovely shores and water-bound wildlife. Cruises to Alaska grant both water views and land access to all of the top attractions that you'll be dying to see. Slip through the waters beginning in the Pacific Northwest and move along Canada's western coast to the tip of Alaska. Stop in the small towns and larger cities like Juneau and Anchorage to experience dog sledding, tour the national parks, and even go glacier hiking along with an ancient ice flow. Step out on the ship's deck and see a whale breach the ocean surface to splash down as sea lions dip below the waves and bear roar from the pines along the shore.


A popular tourist destination, Mexico has tempted and lured visitors with grand resort cities like Cancun and Cozumel for generations. In your future cruise ship, however, you can hop from city to city, tasting local cuisine, colloquial flavor, exploring the jungles and ruins and villages untouched by big corporations. Of course, you'll also stop at Puerto Vallarta and relax on the confectionery sugar soft sand or SNUBA/SCUBA dive in the ocean to come face to face with the tropical wildlife. Stop at the Mexican Riviera and explore the sophisticated shopping centers, the Mexican markets, and the more touristy attractions before heading on to the Yucatan to tour Mayan ruins, an exploration opportunity unlike any other.

Panama Canal

Begin in sunny San Diego and cruise along the Mexican coast down to the tip of Central America where you'll take a shortcut through a man-made feat of engineering, the Panama Canal. Where other cruises loop you around a group of islands or skim the coast of a few states before turning around, a cruise to the Panama Canal encompasses the entirety of Central America's coastline, from the western United States and ending in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on the east. Along the way, you'll hit up Acapulco and see the death-defying cliff divers soar like water birds to the Caribbean Sea. Touch down in Costa Rica and explore the forested mountains and volcanic landscapes of what's considered to be one of the best ecotourism destinations in the world. Sail past Caribbean islands through the wide-open, deep blue sea, all the while experiencing the most photo-perfect scenery anywhere in the world.

Canada & New England

Many cruise lines offer an eastern United States cruise to match their Pacific Northwest and Alaskan lines, leading you through the historic states of New England into the rugged seas and coastal towns of Canada. Depending on your cruise of choice, you can stop along with the U.S.'s most historic New England sites such as Boston, ending with the seaside fishing villages and national parks of Maine. Others lead on to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and St. John in New Brunswick, the largest city in the region and the first incorporated city in Canada. Take the excursion even further to visit Prince Edward Island, taste their renowned seafood cuisine and tour the birthplace of Canada, the 1847 Province House, located on the island.


There's a reason that the Bahamas are among the top cruise port destinations. From the colorful pastel mansions of Bimini to the historical capital city at Nassau, the Bahamas have an island for every attitude. Relax on the pristine shores, be greeted by friendly wild stingrays, see pigs swim in the Caribbean, and roam the European chic streets of Nassau. See where Pirates of the Caribbean 2 was filmed in Freeport, roam through the wilderness and explore the sea caves or tour Ernest Hemingway's favorite place in the entire world. When you dock in Bimini, only 50 miles from Miami, you can search for the Fountain of Youth as Ponce de Leon did centuries ago. Perhaps you'll find it in the cenotes, limestone lagoons and exposed coral reefs or underwater in the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean where tropical fish, whales, and dolphins mingle. Sunny days, warm weather, and picture-perfect scenery await in the Bahamian archipelago, named one of the world's happiest and friendliest places to live and visit.