Three Sisters Island

Entrance to Three Sisters Island

Three Sisters Island is a gorgeous set of four islands, a conglomerate of land forms adjacent to the west shoreline of Niagara’s Goat Island. The line of islands are more specifically located 500 yards east of the Horseshoe Falls. These islands were first discovered in 1845 and aptly named the Moss Islands, due to the obvious overgrowth of moss on all the islands.

The name, Three Sisters, came from the story of the three daughters of General Parkhurst Whitney, a local American commander during the War of 1812. The General had three daughters, Asenath, Angeline, and Celinda Eliza, and were the very first to visit the third and most distant island, made possible during their trek via an ice path. Upon discovery of this last island, the General insisted that the islands be named after his girls and his infant son. The fourth island is often called Deer Island, but is officially named Little Brother Island.

While here, you will learn all about the history of General Parkhurst and his family, as well as his local influence in the ownership of the famous Cataract Hotel. Receive one of the greatest views of the upper rapids before they cascade off the Canadian Horseshoe Falls. Bring your camera and see for yourself why the island was once named Moss Island, the entire area a natural nursery for indigenous plant life. You may park on Goat Island to gain access to the Three Sisters, or just walk over a pedestrian foot bridge located just feet before the brink of the American Falls. Enjoy great trails, green space, and seagulls, as you take in some of the best views offshore of the falls!