Tips for First Time Flyers

First Time Flying Tips

First Time Flying Tips Pixabay Public Domain

Your first time flying is always a little scary, whether you think you will be scared or not. You can go in super amped up for your trip and not even consider being afraid at any point, but perhaps when you step onboard, find your seat, and strap yourself in you may get one or two panic butterflies in your stomach.

First of all, don't stress, there is statistically no reason to be afraid of any type of malfunction or crash. Second, deep breaths, we are going to walk you through some basic tips and by the time you set foot on the plane, you will be ready for anything!

There a few things to remember while preparing to fly;

  1. Be polite and understand that everyone around you is having to endure the same circumstances as you.
  2. Bring plenty of things to occupy your mind while flying. Download music and/or games, movies, and bring puzzles.
  3. If you are traveling alone, try to make friends with a fellow flyer, preferably a frequent flyer. Talking to them will calm you down and make you more confident about the flight.

Recently I was able to take my first flight, and I can say from experience that the most stressful part is your own nerves before you even get on the plane. The easiest way to calm yourself down is to think about the plane as a large motor coach on the ground, smoothly driving without any worries. It may sound silly, but trying to forget you are on a plane, in the air, will honestly help.

Once you are on the plane be sure your carry on is stored in the overhead bin, but beforehand be sure you have any vital items you will want in a personal bag stored all the way underneath the seat in front of you. Once you are settled in be prepared to wait on the runway for your planes turn to take off, which typically takes anywhere from 10-30 minutes. Please be aware that as you take off you will be changing pressures, causing your ears to pop. To relieve some of the pressure chew a piece of gum or slowly work your jaw around.

If you are afraid of heights, as nearly 10% of the US population is, you should opt in to either sit in an aisle seat or close your window blind to acclimate yourself to the inside of the cabin, rather than focusing on the outside. Keep the clouds out of view and watch a movie or listen to some music to relax. This is also a great time to make a friend to talk to if that helps you!

With my experience and tips, I truly hope you have more confidence and are more prepared for your flight, and remember, we are here for you every step of the way!

Have a great trip!!

-Erin AST Agent