Top 10 High School Graduation Excursions

If you are looking for the most iconic, entertaining, educational, and all-around most memorable senior trip ideas there are within the U.S, then look no further! This Top 10 list is a special one for us, highlighting our top choices for the absolute best high school graduation trips, from coastal cities by the beach to sauntering skylines students can’t get enough of, these are your very best bets for great senior trips!

  • NYC Classic

    New York City

    What can we say about New York, New York, besides wow? This entire city is an iconic experience to take in, from its cultural history to its culinary diversity, New York City is an experience that every graduating student should have! Shop till you drop, take famous city tours, or eat your way across the bay, all really fun, really safe, and really memorable things to do to celebrate graduation!

  • Beachside Bliss

    Miami Beach panorama

    Miami Dollarphotoclub


    Miami has it all when it comes to having all the beachside fun you can handle, this Florida classic city full of dazzling beaches, world-class boardwalk attractions, beyond-delicious eateries, and even quite a few educational opportunities (local maritime and military history). We really do mean it when we say you can’t go wrong with a senior trip to Miami!

  • Chicago Culture

    Chicago Senior Trip Ideas

    Jay Pritzker Pavilion Shutterstock


    One of America’s most recognizable skylines, most notable museum collections, and most impressive public art and public park systems await your group if you choose to take a trip to Chicago, the Windy City full of unforgettable fun! Entertainment and education go hand in hand within this city, a winning combination for any senior group!

  • California Coastlines

    La Jolla Beach Sunset -Courtesy

    La Jolla Beach Sunset -Courtesy

    San Diego

    Of course, many senior groups prefer the West Coast to the East, and for all the best of the west (coast) your group should most definitely head to sunny San Diego. San Diego provides groups with some of the most all-around scenic oceanside vistas, not to mention the amazing food, culture, and entertainment throughout the entire (iconically American) city.

  • Disney Dreams


    Disney isn’t just for children, this massively popular amusement conglomerate attracting guests of every age, an increasingly popular choice amongst high-schoolers, seniors, and college students. There is so much to do within Disney and Universal in Orlando, you can easily spend your entire vacation here, and you won’t even regret not seeing any other part of the city! Check out the special Grad Bash options in Orlando, too!

  • Hawaii Heaven

    Miami School Trip

    Miami Skyline Shutterstock


    Call us cliche, but we think that a senior trip to Hawaii sounds, well, heavenly! The city of Maui provides senior groups with countless eco-adventure opportunities (hiking, biking, lava watching, surfing, snorkeling, etc), not to mention endless beach fun! A trip to Hawaii will also open students’ minds to a new culture and new slice of U.S history they may not know!

  • Hollywood Highlights

    Los Angeles

    To some students, there is nothing more iconically American than the chance to see the stars in Hollywood, a Californian right of passage to most. Los Angeles offers much more than just celebrity sightings and famous walks, however, the entire city a geographical and cultural gold mine for those wishing to learn something new! (The shopping isn’t so bad, either).

  • Adventure in Alaska


    Believe it or not, trips to Anchorage, Alaska, are growing to be increasingly popular for U.S students, the area far away enough to feel foreign, American enough to feel familiar, and wild enough to have endless adventures! Fresh seafood, cold-weather recreation unlike anywhere else, and seriously diverse cultural events will make you want to come back yearly!

    Sandy beach bay Anchorage Alaska downtown city skyline

    Sandy beach bay Anchorage Alaska downtown city skyline Stockfresh

  • Celebration in St. Louis

    St. Louis

    Some senior groups don’t necessarily want to see a coast, some want to see more culturally popular places, like our ever-increasingly popular Missouri destination, St. Louis. This city has got it all, from history and culture to entertainment and adventure. You can spend your time on the river, in the Arch, or even downtown at some authentic blues or BBQ joints. Whatever your group decides to do here, you certainly won’t regret it!

  • Texas Triumph

    San Antonio

    San Antonio just couldn’t be left off of our list, the Texas city a highly popular one for student groups who are looking to have fun, see something new, and maybe even learn something along the way. Don’t let all the rich colonial heritage fool you, San Antonio has a wild side too, just head over to the River Walk after a trip to the Alamo to find out for yourselves!