Top 11 Sights to See in Colorado Springs

Top 11 Sights to See in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs scenery Pixabay Public Domain

Colorado Springs is undoubtedly one of the most scenic cities in America, the landscape boasting red rock formations, snow-capped summits, and mountainous forest land everywhere you look.

From the summit of Pike's Peak to the depths of the Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs certainly brings some of the best sights in all of Colorado, some may even say the United States, so finding the Top 11 Sights to See was a bit

  1. Pikes Peak

    Pikes Peak is undoubtedly at the top of your Colorado Springs attraction list, no pun intended, and for very good reason! This stunning summit, sitting at around 14,000 feet, provides guests with some of the best views in the entire state of Colorado, providing visibility to 5 different states on clear days (Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, and New Mexico)! Take advantage of all the recreation opportunities from the top as well as the Summit House Complex's iconic hot high-altitude donuts!

    Pikes Peak Public Domain Pixabay

    Pikes Peak Public Domain Pixabay

  2. US Olympic Training Center

    This Colorado Springs hot spot is the flagship training center for U.S Olympic and Paralympic Training Center programs. USA Swimming and USA Shooting headquarters are on this campus, as well as 15 other member organizations. Tour the housing, dining, and training facilities while here. There are 2 pools on campus, 242 dorms, and 35 acres full of other training services for our USA Olympic Trainees!

  3. Garden of the Gods

    A garden fit for the Gods...yes, it's that beautiful here! Take in the sights of Garden of the Gods' 1300 acres of sandstone formations with the snowy summit of Pikes Peak in the background, this experience one of the most scenic in Colorado Springs by far. You can simply hike around and admire the scenery here, or you can opt-in for some mountainside adventure with a jeep tour, front range climbing, mountain biking, or adventure hiking programs.

    Garden of the Gods

    A High Dynamic Range photo of the Garden of the Gods park in Colorado Springs, Colorado with Pikes Peak in the background.

  4. Seven Falls

    Seven Falls is actually Colorado's only waterfall included on the National Geographic list of international waterfalls. Sitting within a natural box canyon flanked by the 900 foot high Pillars of Hercules, this set of falls is certainly quite the sight to see! Take the free shuttle here or drive yourself along the 'grandest mile of scenery', then take the 224 steps to the top once you get here. Across the falls you will find Eagles Nest, which actually provides the best vantage point of the falls.

  5. Cave of the Winds

    The Cave of the Winds in Colorado Springs is a completely unique cave touring experience that allows you to get into the depths of one of the most stunning cave systems in the area. You can take tours such as the Discovery Tour, Lantern Tour, or Caving 101 Tour underground, then above ground, you can visit the adventure park to take part in the Wind Walker Aerial Challenge Course, Zipline, or Gemstone Panning! There is even an onsite restaurant and cafe!

    Bridal Chamber - Discovery Tour Credit Cave of Winds Adventure Park

  6. Cripple Creek

    Cripple Creek is Colorado's historic mining (and gambling) town that allows guests to take a step back in time, the community filled with restored Old West brick buildings, restaurants, shops, and hotels. Your group can enjoy the sights of an older time in Colorado, and you can also visit any of the state-of-the-art casinos or spend some time shopping.

  7. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

    Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is unique in that it is the only zoo located on a mountain in the United States! Enjoy the sights and sounds of animals native to the area, as well as exotic animals, with the beauty of the rugged mountain scenery as your backdrop. There are 750 animals here representing 150 different species, each housed in meticulously recreated ecosystems. For an extra scenic option take the open-air chairlift Mountain Sky Ride before you go!

    Giraffe Credit Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

  8. Historic Manitou Springs

    Manitou Springs is a historic 'wellness' community, an area featuring springs containing 'healing waters', which are filled with lithium, magnesium, and potassium. Today it is a lively shopping, dining, and artistic community that you will be able to explore all day if you wanted to. The springs themselves are certainly a sight to see, as are the various water fountains flowing throughout the community for guests to fill water bottles or take a drink from.

  9. Old Colorado City

    To catch some more historic sights head to Old Colorado City, the charming community full of Colorado character! Walk the brick sidewalks and find over 100 unique businesses along the way, including galleries, shops, boutiques, art galleries, and eateries. Our favorite thing about this community is the 19th-century buildings all around, making you feel like you are back in the old days of Colorado City!

    Old Colorado City Pixabay Public Domain

    Old Colorado City Pixabay Public Domain

  10. Manitou Cliff Dwellings

    These cliff dwellings are ancient pueblo-style structures that provide a fascinating look, literally, at the daily life of the Anasazi peoples, who once thrived here. You can visit two museums on site, The Pueblo Museum and The Cave Museum, which are each actually located underneath the dwellings themselves. See artifacts such as tools, weapons, pottery, and pans during your visit!

  11. US Air Force Academy

    One of the most striking structures in all of Colorado, the US Air Force Academy is a must-see while in Colorado Springs. This facility serves as a military organization and university all in one with the purpose of training the country’s future airmen. The impressive 36,000 square foot facility houses exhibits, a snack bar, and a gift shop, as well as access to a nature trail leading to Cadet Chapel, the architecturally astounding complex your eyes, will surely spot in an instant. In this visitor center, you can view a movie about the cadets and aircraft experience in the theater, or stroll among the many exhibits!

    US Air Force Academy

    US Air Force Academy

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