Top 6 Coolest Dinner Cruises

Fine Dining on The Water


Whether you’re tired of cooking dinner, craving the fresh air of the open sea, or just need a break for the night, taking a lunch or dinner cruise with your friends and family may be just what you need. While many cruise lines offer great deals for the weekend or week, these top six featured cruises offer just a few hours of cruise time with everything from live performances, dancing, pirate battles, yoga, fireworks, and most importantly, food.

  • The Dolly Steamboat Astronomy Cruise - Apache Junction -Arizona The Dolly Steamboat has been operating for 25 years in Apache Junction Arizona and takes pride in its various nature-themed dinner and lunch cruises. Traveling along Canyon Lake, this steamboat allows guests to view the historic Apache trail, as well as the Alps, Rockies, and Grand Canyon. The dinner astronomy cruise provides a hearty supper plate full of greens, potatoes, and chef's special entree, as well as the unbeatable narration of the night sky. Dr. Sky (Steve Kates) teaches guests about the constellations above them while they eat and answers any questions they may have in between full mouths. Cruise along with the stars with a full stomach and even more full curiosity for the heavens.
  • Mind Body and Spirit Yoga Lunch Cruise - Chelsea Piers - New York Need a healthier option to get away to? Try Spirit Cruise's invigorating yoga lunch cruise for a 45-minute energizing class followed by a healthy lunch buffet. Spirit Cruise provides a rejuvenating body experience paired with an oceanic calm that will leave you feeling fresh and ready to conquer the world. The lunch buffet provides healthy options such as spinach and kale salads, grilled tilapia, lemon braised salmon, and much more. Bring your yoga mats and fill up on the New York skyline view with this fun cruise, or if you’re in the mood for a different type of pick me up, be sure to check out all of Spirit Cruise's themed meal cruises, such as the Eat, Drink, and B. Mary Brunch cruise, providing guests with a large brunch buffet and uniquely flavored Bloody Marys.
  • Capt. Jack’s Pirate Ship Adventures - Virginia Beach If entertainment is what you’re looking for be sure to stop at Capt. Jack’s Pirate Ship Adventures on the gorgeous Virginia Beach oceanfront. Great for a class or family trip, Capt. Jack offers a 1.25-hour cruise filled with pirate songs and dances, educational shows, dolphin viewing, and a full ‘snack’ bar equipped with kid-friendly food such as hot dogs, popcorn, and chips (as well as adult beverages for the parents.) Let your inner kid come out as you battle the evil Blackbeard and his gang of pirate misfits with the 65 ft Spanish galleon, the ‘Lost Pearl,’ and her fully equipped water cannons. This dinner cruise will give you your fill of food and fun as you go ‘overboard’ with the character crew!
  • Hornblower Fleet Week Cruise - San Francisco, California This unique cruise allows you to enjoy some of the best views of the Blue Angels in action during a 2.5-hour ride along the San Francisco Bay. During the month of October, this cruise allows guests to dine freely on the brunch bar or lunch buffet as they watch the Blue Angels fly close above the water. The cruise includes live jazz and unbeatable views of the airshow, as well as scenic views of the San Francisco skyline, bay area, and Golden Gate Bridge. If you’re in the mood for dinner be sure to check out Hornblowers night cruises aboard the Belle yacht, which include live DJs, dinner buffets, and a firework show experience on the water like no other.
  • General Jackson Dinner Cruise - Nashville, Tennessee This three-hour country inspired dinner cruise lets guests experience Nashville in all of its southern splendor. With an award-winning live country show that ranges from current country-pop hits to classic 90s tracks, guests will be thoroughly entertained as they dine on the southern-style dinner. Being one of the largest showboats of it’s kind, General Jackson houses a two-story Victorian-style theater and features lacy filigree and stately Victorian design. Named after the first steamboat in the area near Andrew Jackson’s home in 1817, educational opportunities abound as well during this entertainment-packed cruise. Enjoy the sounds and smells of southern comfort as you float down the Cumberland River and take in the sights of Tennessee.
  • Full Moon Mystic Blue Dinner Cruise - Chicago, Illinois Offering a romantic night out or just a simple dinner for friends and family, Mystic Blue cruise line offers a variety of nightly cruises, one of which is the Full Moon cruise. Offered only on nights with an expected full moon and clear skies, this magnificent boat takes you around Lake Michigan to observe the night sky while you enjoy a tasty dinner buffet. After dinner, enjoy the live DJ and outside decks stocked with hors d'oeuvres and drinks for all ages. Besides the breathtaking moonlit waters, guests can also get a unique perspective on the Chicago skyline via moonlight and take advantage of its docking at the Navy Pier for more food and fun. If you’re in the mood for a more adult celebration be sure to check on Mystic Blue’s "Blue After Dark" moonlight cruises from 1 am to 3 am, complete with a tapas type bar and full nightclub experience.