River Turtle

River Turtle

Tortuguero (Limon)

Welcome to the ‘Land of Turtles’,  the village and national park by the name of Tortuguero (Turtle Catcher). Both a popular national park and Village, Tortuguero is an area on the Northern Caribbean coast within the Limon province. The village is the namesake of the park, both named after one main aspect of this coastline area: turtles! Guests from around the world make it here each year for the turtle nesting and hatching season, the peak time to come view during July and August. Your group can spot Green, Leatherback, Hawksbill, or even river turtles nesting here, or hatching if it is past their 10 week incubation period.

The national park provides guests with a bevy of eco-adventure delights, from boat tours to views from the top of Tortuguero Hill. Within the confines of the park and village you can also take a Turtle Tour, Sports Fishing Journey, Night walk, Birdwatching walk, or even Village Tour. The Village Tour will enlighten you all on the research, conservation, and ecotourism efforts that make this place so special, and the tour of Tortuguero Hill will provide you with a view from the highest natural observation point on the coast.

The landscape of the area is shaped by an archipelago of volcanic islands, today marshy islands that are merely land deposits formed where the river met the sea. Beaches, canals, lagoons, and wetlands are all strung throughout, making this a seriously impressive bio-diverse habitat. Within the village, you may not find roads or cars, but you will find some of the most delicious local foods, from Caribbean rice and beans to European fusion. Head to Wild Ginger, Taylor’s Place, or Miss Miriam’s for a great lunch or dinner during your visit.