Trinity River Audubon Center

Trinity River Audubon Center

To fully experience a new place, or an old place, any place really, it is said that you need to spend a few hours immersing yourself into the natural elements of that place. You need to go out into a park or nature reserve and see what the natural setting is made up of, explore the flora and fauna, observe new creatures and plants you have never seen before. This is exactly why we have included the Trinity River Audubon Center, one of the most natural and most outstandingly beautiful areas in all of Dallas (though technically it is 10 miles south of Dallas). This nature center serves as a gateway to the Great Trinity Forest, a 6,000-acre forest that holds diverse ecosystems, wildlife, and interactive activities for guests. You can hike here, bike, take a kayaking tour, bird watch, picnic, or just relax and take it all in. There is the actual Audubon Center, a 120-acre green building that holds all the information you may need during your visit, including several student and teacher resources and activities. You can take part in eco-investigations, river investigations, prairie exploration, and even conservation workshops.

Outside of learning in the center, you can learn on the land itself, the Great Trinity Forest being the largest urban hardwood forest in the U.S. There is actually a quite diverse plant and animal community within the forest, as well as a great mix of bottomland hardwood, wetland, and prairie. Most people who explore the trails have some sort of interest in bird watching, this center an absolute bird haven for this region. Bring your camera, wear comfortable hiking shoes, and try to capture your own great Western Kingbird shot like the one above, or maybe just spend your time learning all you can in a workshop. Be sure to stop by the Audubon Center’s Nature Store before you go to find all the best educational tools, souvenirs, and local goodies.



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We will be closing early at 3pm next Wednesday, September 25. Eastern Phoebe 📷: Robyn Newman/Audubon Photography Awards

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