Wanderlust Wednesday: History

Get ready for a ground-breaking Part 4 to our popular Wanderlust Wednesday Series: HISTORY.

This new edition of #WanderlustWednesday features our top 5 favorite travel blogs regarding the history of America, whether it is cultural, military, or religiously based! Each unique history-filled opportunity listed below is a great chance for you and your group to really learn something new about our Nation, and about the events that shaped it into what it is today.

So take a look below and decide which historic area tickles your fancy the most, read the blog, then choose your specific location! Once you’ve decided, share it with all your friends and give us a call, we’ll make it happen!

Wanderlust Wednesday: History

This travel blog is all about America's cinematic past, from the very first performance venues in iconic cities to the most memorable Drive-in movie theaters. If you are a fan of the theater scene, this is the destination blog for you!


Field trip groups especially tend to love this next option, the Top 10 American Settlement Spots. This option is drenched in educational U.S history, the blog featuring 10 different cities in which a major pioneer movement was made. From Boston to Jamestown, this blog is filled with historic hotspots!


Museums, memorials, churches, and centers all take up the spots in this next travel blog, the historic subject in question being that of American religion. This blog will teach you a little bit about our religious background as a country, as well as show you all the hottest spots to visit for various religions.


There are some cities throughout the U.S that are really excellent at preserving history, cities that saw the importance of a certain historical event or era and decided to put time, money, and effort into making that event last. This option allows groups to explore the Alamo, Savannah, and even Charleston, amazingly well-preserved cities!


This option is for all of those who are interested in military history, the entire blog focused on your various options for top aircraft museums in America. These spots teach you about military history, national development, and the travel and transportation industry as well!