Whydah Pirate Museum

Whydah Pirate Museum

See the world’s only pirate treasure together with such personal remains as weapons, jewelry and clothing-and decipher the untold secrets of pirates! - Whydah Pirate Museum

Welcome to the Whydah Pirate Museum, Cape Cod's newest interactive science museum that showcases artifacts recovered from the infamous 18th-century vessel used for piracy and slave trade, the Whydah.

At the Whydah Museum, you can touch and see the 300-year-old pirate treasure, climb aboard a replica of the actual Whydah ship, and also interact with conservators who have had a personal hand in this massive treasure discovery.

The history behind the Whydah is simply mesmerizing, the ship's commander, Sam Bellamy, wrecking the ship in 1717 with the treasure of 50 plundered ships aboard. Only 2 out of the 146 men on board made it to the beach, making this the worst wreck in history off of the Cape Cod shore. There is much folklore about Bellamy in general, many stories centering around the fact that he was returning to shore with his lover, who was considered the 'Witch of Wellfleet'.

The contents found aboard the ship truly give a unique look into the lives of the pirates involved, of piracy in general, and also give a great general sample of treasures that could be found in the 18th century. Your group will learn all about the wreck and treasures found, such as various weapons, jewelry, and clothing, as well as about Barry Clifford, the man who has helped bring the treasure up. There is even a National Geographic special covering the subject!