7 Reasons You Should Take a Student Band Trip

Middle School and High School student band trips are highly popular today, with several school groups getting more and more interested in teaching their students the importance of practice, competition, and travel.

Taking your band group, whether it is a group of 25 or a group of 185, on a trip to any local, regional, or even far-away musical performance will provide each individual with countless personal and professional benefits, the entire experience highly educational and, of course, highly memorable.

There are several different types of band trips, from unadjudicated performance spotlights in amusement parks or museums to seriously competitive festivals in major U.S cities. There are even several musical cruise options today around the U.S, both adjudicated and unadjudicated.

With so many options and so many benefits, it’s really easy to see why this trend is growing immensely with each passing year.

So here are our top 7 Reasons You Should Take a Student Band Trip (though there are so many more!)

  1. Travel Experience
    -More than anything else we believe that travel experience during your middle and high school years is incredibly important. Most students learn by doing and by seeing, taking away so much new information and hands-on experience with any sort of group travel plans. The musical performance industry is on the rise with travel agencies right now as well, meaning that most attractions around the U.S accept choir, band, and orchestra groups for performances. 
  2. Performance Practice
    -Practice, practice, practice. You’ve heard it for years, now it’s time to practice in a way that will actually get you really excited! By sending your student group on a band trip they will get to practice the art that they love in a new place, with new people, ensuring that they learn and experience new things. This is truly the best way to practice playing and gain new skills!
  3. Musical Connections
    -Believe it or not, several students, regardless of their age, tend to make useful musical connections while at any sort of student band trip, whether it’s a fellow bandmate from another school asking to keep in touch or a clinician willing to further work with you after the trip. Trust us, these trips can really help with networking! 
  4. Entertainment/Fun
    -Traveling anywhere for a student group band trip is one thing above all else: FUN! Being around your classmates, pursuing your passion, and seeing a whole new place in an entertaining musical fashion is really fun for all those involved, even teachers and chaperones. When else do you get a day dedicated to travel and music, a chance to strut your stuff and watch others entertain you all day long with their own talents? 
  5. Teambuilding
    -If you have a rather large group, annual band trips tend to bring the band together more than they were before (small groups as well, though they are typically pretty well bonded to start with). The woodwinds, drumline, brass, and color guard essentially unite for one day to show all the other bands/onlookers/judges what they have, putting the entire team first, not just one section or themselves individually. Talk about a great team building experience! 
  6. Critical Feedback
    -To get better at what you do you not only need practice, but you need helpful feedback and advice on how to improve as well. If your band group chooses an adjudicated performance for their big trip then they will have this added benefit of learning what they did wrong, what they did right, and what they can work on to be better players in the future. This is absolutely essential in the music world. 
  7. Comradery
    -Falling hand in hand with team building, our last great reason you should take a student band trip is simple: comradery. The sense of friendship and accomplishment you get from this bonding experience will not be soon forgotten, oftentimes forming lifelong friendships and partnerships during the course of the trip.

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