The 5 Different Types of Band Trips

So you want to take a band trip this year.

What's your first step? Figure out exactly what type of band trip you are wanting to take.

Oh, you didn’t know there were different types of band-related trip performances? Don’t worry, we have got you covered with all the essential band and orchestra trip and performance information you will need to have a fun, productive, and informative trip with your musically inclined group today!

  • Adjudicated

One of the most common types of band trips, whether you are a marching band, concert band, jazz band, or orchestra group, is the adjudicated performance trip. This option allows several helpful options for group competitions that typically include practice sessions, competitions, judging, and even clinics post-performance. Many adjudicated performances include taped comments and a group video or CD, option for additional workshops with pros, and the always exciting award ceremony.

Make your group feel like a million bucks (after all, they do sound like it) with a trophy, ribbon, certificate, or public notice with this option, but be sure to plan one of these trips 6 months to a year in advance, most require applications or video tryouts!


Marching Band Pixabay Public Domain

Examples: Smoky Mountain Music Festival, Southern Star Music Festival, Music USA, Festival Disney Orlando, STARS Program

  • Festival

If you want to set sail on a whirlwind band trip purely for the festival atmosphere, then you are in luck! This option seems to be the second most popular, more specific, option for groups around the U.S., these festivals accepting several different performance styles, including groups such as marching bands, concert bands, choral groups, dance groups, jazz and pep bands, ensembles, and orchestras.

You can choose either adjudicated or unadjudicated with this option, depending on how formal or lax you’d like the experience to be!


Marching Band Parade Pixabay Public Domain

Examples: Festivals of Music, Festival Disney Orlando, Smoky Mountain Music Festival, Southern Star Music Festival

  • Parade

Another more specific, but still highly popular, band trip option comes in next: the parade!

Parades allow groups to see some of the most popular events/places in the U.S and choose whether or not they would like to be professionally judged while there, plus they are some of the most fun events for bands overall! Most schools plan their season around major local and state or countrywide parades, the experience giving the group options to be in public, strut their stuff, and be a part of something much bigger!


Marching Band Performance Stockfresh

Examples: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Inaugural Parade, Portland Rose Parade, Hollywood Christmas Parade, Magnificent Mile Festival of Lights Parade, San Diego Veterans Day Parade, Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade

  • Non-Marching

If your big band or orchestra group is just looking to travel together and play some sights while on the road, then this is definitely the option for you. Every major U.S city offers some sort of landmark option for bands to stop and play, from New York City and D.C to San Diego and Seattle!

You will not be judged during a non-marching performance, you will simply be there for entertainment and the pleasure of it (not to mention you will be getting critical public performance skills).

Examples: Lincoln Memorial, Ron Jon’s Surf Shop, Statue of Liberty, Honolulu Pearl Harbor Events

Washington DC Marching Band

Washington DC Marching Band Pixabay

  • Fun


Band Performance Pixabay Public Domain

One of our favorite options for band groups year-round finishes up the list, the one that is intended for pure fun! A fun band trip allows any size group to travel anywhere, anytime, for any reason! There are less technical planning and more free time with these plans, which we love!
The sky's the limit with this option, and we are more than willing to help you plan the perfect ‘fun’ band trip today!