Marching Band Trips To Disney World

You have put in the time, the effort, the endless hours of heel-to-toe marching and scale replication practices, now it’s time for a reward.

Each year we send several Marching Band groups to Orlando for a performance/reward trip to Disney World, and each year we get several positive remarks about the experience. From the actual performance to the free time, dinners, and lodging, the entire trip will be, well, magical!

Disney World offers your performance group a wide range of options depending on the time of year, events currently happening, and the size and purpose of your group, so be sure you choose the right opportunity! Performing Arts OnStage allows your band a chance to strut their stuff in front of a crowd full of Disney lovers, Festival Disney does the same only on a much larger, festival-sized scale, and the various performance art workshops and parades help further your abilities musically.

Here are a few more concrete facts about your trip!

Transportation - Most groups we work with will rent a charter bus for the actual journey to Orlando, though you may want to book a flight if you have a particularly long trek to make. Once inside the park be sure to wear your best walking shoes (but don’t forget your uniform shows either), or hop aboard any of the onsite trams or complimentary shuttles. You may even get lucky enough to have a complimentary shuttle at your hotel or resort, making it that much easier to get around during your trip!

Lodging - There are so many different hotels, resorts, and villa lodging options within the Disney World surrounding area that it is almost impossible to know where to start. We
suggest finding any Deluxe Resorts or Villas, each room sleeping anywhere from 5-9 guests each, without breaking the bank. Try the Treehouse or Animal Kingdom Lodges if you can, or if they are booked up head to the Boardwalk Inn or any other locale budget hotel.

Performance - Disney’s Performing Arts Programs are great opportunities for you and your marching band to perform, participate in various competitions, sit in on major festivals, and take part in various professionally guided workshops.

Typically your group will have at least an hour to get to the right performance spot and start warming up, depending on which type of performance they are doing, exactly. Performances are professionally judged, allowing your group to gain more critical teamwork skills, musical fine-tuning, and all-around better performance skills. After your performance, you may also request hands-on help from the top musicians in charge of the program. Be sure to check and see if your visit coincides with a weekend festival, with several throughout each year, each and everyone offered meeting the standards of the National Core of Arts.

Fun - They don’t call Walt Disney World the happiest place on Earth for nothing, as you will soon see for yourself! This Floridian theme park is considered to be: 1). The most visited theme park in the world 2). The most well-known franchises in the world, and 3). The largest franchise in the world.

Disney, the universal trademark for magic and happiness, will allow you to see your favorite childhood characters come to life, with such a wide range of entertainment that we are sure it will pique every age group’s interest. Visit the Animal Kingdom or Hollywood Studios, Meet Cinderella or eat dinner at Beast’s Castle, whatever your heart desires! You can choose to explore the park and ride all the rides you find or pick and choose carefully which themed sections you want to spend your time in. 

Whatever you decide to do during your Marching Band Trip to Disney World, we are sure you won't regret it!