2-Day Denver Breakaway

Day 1 You'll See:

Day 2 You'll See:

This fun-filled 2-day Denver educational tour will allow your group to learn and play amongst some of the most gorgeous scenery in the United States. Use this opportunity to teach them the history of Colorado, of mining, of local activists, and much more!

Not only will they learn a lot, but they will also have the chance to enjoy themselves at local gardens, zoos, and shopping centers.


History Colorado Center

Covering everything from the state’s founding in the 19th century to toys of the mid-20th century, History Colorado Center is comprehensive and interesting to the extreme. Start with the basics at the Colorado Stories exhibit which includes several galleries on individual facets of Colorado’s colorful history. Native American tribes played an important role in the foundation of the state. Learn about the tribal border wars and the different tribes in exhibits like Resilience: The Ute Indian Tribes, Time Immemorial to Today. Other exhibits include El Movimiento: The Chicano Movement in Colorado, Living West, Destination Colorado, We Heart Rocky Mountain National Park, and Denver A to Z which creates a picture of Denver’s essence by going through the alphabet.

Denver Botanic Gardens

Head to the Denver Botanic Gardens on York Street with your group for a breath of fresh air, the 23-acre garden providing all the best bloom related education, art, and views.Within the York Street sector of the Denver Botanic Gardens, your group will find the Mordecai Children's Garden, Science Pyramid, Helen Fowler Library, dining and shopping opportunities, and tour opportunities.  The Children's Garden offers an exploration of 6 difference ecosystems, from alpine to montane shrubland. The Science Pyramid is an interactive zone full of information on various steppe regions throughout the U.S.While here take part in a tour and 'learn about ecology, horticulture, and more while you discover plants from around the world', or opt-in for an educational program.

Colorado State Capitol

This Corinthian style, gold-domed building offers tours, temporary exhibits, and photo ops throughout, not to mention glimpses of the current Colorado Governor and Lieutenant Governor's offices.During your visit opt in for a public or private group tour, the tours showing you the main offices inside, as well as the grounds outdoors known as Lincoln Park. Here is where you will see various state buildings, the popular Veteran's Memorial, the Liberty Bell replica, and even the official 'Mile High Marker' on the 15th step right outside the capitol doors.You will learn quite a bit about the capitol building, the facts ranging from the architectural details of this neoclassical, beaux-arts style building made of granite and gold (the dome gold in honor of the Colorado Gold Rush), to the rare Colorado Rose Onyx on the inside.

Pearl Street Mall/ Flatiron Crossing Mall

Choose between one of these two shopping centers to end your night with some shopping, eating, and relaxing. Both offer excellent dining choices within their food courts and eateries.


Molly Brown House

Molly Brown was not only a very well known local activist, she was also known as 'unsinkable' Molly Brown, a nickname given after she survived the infamous Titanic crash.The home itself is a 1889 mansion filled with Victorian-era furnishings and art, the architectural style reflecting that of Queen Anne style. The tours of the home 'enhance Denver's unique identity by telling the story of Molly Brown through education, exhibits, and stewardship.'Take a 45 minute guided tour of the place, a tour that over 45,000 other guests take part in each year. The tour will start at the Carriage House Visitor Center and lead you through all the major rooms and grounds. You can also opt in for a specialty tour or school tour.

*Note: This museum is closed Mondays

Denver Zoo

The Denver Zoo is considered to be a 'leader in animal care and visitor experience', a title it has held pride in since opening in 1896. While here your group will be able to participate in guided tours, themed student tours that promote the Colorado Academic Standards, and even various free programs and up-close animal encounters. During one of the tours, a trained volunteer docent will lead your group 'on a journey to experience the wonders of animals and the living world'. The Up-Close Animal Encounters offered on the side provide a seriously unique and fun learning opportunity, an activity we highly recommend for student groups.While here be sure to check out all the exhibits, some examples including the Toyota Elephant Passage, Predator Ridge, Northern Shores, Giraffe Encounters, and Tropical Discovery. There is also the Be a Zookeeper zone, the train and carousel, and the DINOS! Exhibit. Meet the Amur Leopard, Green Tree Python, or Sumatran Orangutan.