3-Day Savannah Educational Tour

Day 1 You'll See:

Day 2 You'll See:

Day 3 You'll See:

Get ready for 3 full days of memory-making and learning as we take your group on an educational journey through Savannah, Georgia.


Historical Tour of Savannah

Enjoy Savannah’s Historic District’s distinctive grid plan alongside the amazing 18th and 19th-century architecture, the area full of Georgian, Greek Revival, and Gothic-style buildings. The district is laid out on the original town plan from 1733, making it easier to visit the historic and architecturally rich homes such as the 1818 Owen Thomas house and the Beaux-arts style Edmund Molyneux Mansion. You will also see the first African American school (Beach Institute), the birthplace of the founder of the Girl Scouts (Juliette Gordon Low), the oldest African American Baptist Congregation in the United States, and even the third oldest synagogue in the United States, the Mickve Israel. Stop by the Visitor Center to get detailed city information, tour information, or shop for that perfect Savannah souvenir! Once your group walks among the lively historic squares and open green spaces of this charming historic district they will soon see why millions of visitors make this trek every year!

Savannah's Historic River Street

There are over 70 thriving businesses and shops on River Street, as well as varying casual and upscale eateries. See specialty shops, antique shops, art galleries, and the beauty of the Savannah River all along one stretch of the street! Leisurely stroll along the landscaped river walk and see the popular Waving Girl and Olympic Cauldron monuments, as well as the scenic bluffs and old passageways of alleys strewn about. Take some time to visit the area of the street known as Factors Row, a unique collection of brick red buildings used as merchant quarters in the past, now popular for its collection of iron and concrete paths connecting it aerially. Between the shops, pubs, and historic inns, you surely won’t run out of fun things to do with your group here on River Street.

Savannah Riverboat Cruise

This cruise line company will provide your group with a fun-filled evening full of entertainment, great southern food, and an unforgettable tour of Savannah’s historic waterway by riverboat. Enjoy refreshing river breezes, delicious local southern flavors, plenty of cultural entertainment, a fun-filled dinner, harbor sightseeing, and magical moonlight as you and your group kick back and relax for a 1.5 to 2.5 hour Savannah Riverboat Cruise. There are several different tours offered by Savannah Riverboat Cruises, including such popular options as Harbor Sightseeing, Dinner Entertainment, Weekend Moonlight, Saturday Luncheon, Sunday Brunch, and even Monday Gospel Dinner.

Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum

Also called the William Scarbrough House and Gardens, this museum was first founded in 1966. The exhibits inside include ship models, paintings, and maritime antiques, all mostly from the great era of Atlantic trade and travel between England and American during the 18th and 19th centuries. There are 9 galleries total, each working to 'interpret the rich story of Savannah's maritime history'. See colonial vessels, ironclads, ocean-going steamers, and modern navy ship replicas while here, each ship meticulously researched and detailed (scale 3/8" = 1'). Some examples of models you will see include the Steamship Savannah, The Anne, The Wanderer, City of Savannah, and RMS Titanic.


Tybee Island Beach

  • South Beach - This is the busiest beach on Tybee Island, holding the Tybee Pier and Pavilion. The beach hosts regular concerts and festivals and is popular for swimming and fishing.
  • Mid-Beach - Located near ‘the curve’, this beach is generally less-crowded but provides the same good swimming and fishing opportunity. You can grab a bite to eat at Marlin Monroe’s at Mid-Beach.
  • North Beach - North Beach is located right across from the historic Tybee Light Station and Fort Screven. It is quiet and filled with opportunities for nature lovers to collect seashells and watch wildlife. There is another popular restaurant on this beach, as well, called the North Beach Grill.
  • River Beaches - Both the Savannah River Beach and Back River Beach are great ones for water recreation such as kayaking and paddling, plus they give you a great glimpse at local flora and fauna.

Tybee Island Light Station and Museum

The light station is one of only 7 surviving colonial-era lighthouse towers, an iconic structure made of brick, rock, and lumber that was first established here in 1736. The tower itself sits at 144', making it not only one of Georgia's oldest lighthouses, but also one of Georgia's tallest! The light station guided mariners safely into the Savannah River for close to 300 years, and a tour of it will fill you in on this fact and many more like it. Across the street, you will find an 1899 Military Battery and Tybee Island Museum, for further educational and historical insight. Exhibits inside the museum cover topics such as the Euchee Tribe, the history of Fort Steven, and Tybee's Golden Era in general.

Fort James Jackson

Fort James Jackson allows you to walk on the grounds of the same East Coast fort that was needed in 1808 when locals were dealing with bad British Blood and a worsening war situation. The fort served triumphantly through the War of 1812, as well as the American Civil War. Once used as protection from naval attack, today this site provides exciting interactive programs for adults, kids, groups, and families! Watch the exciting must-see daily cannon firings before you head over to the CSS Georgia, sentry box, or sally port. It is recommended that you spend about an hour touring the location, taking in all the history, city relationship information, weapon exhibits, and fort facts you can along the way. Stop by the gift shop on your way out, or just stroll along the river and ramparts for great insight on the surrounding location!

First African Baptist Church

The First African Baptist Church of Savannah, or FABC, is known as the very first black congregation in North America, first established in 1773 (that's before the United States was formed!). It still serves as an active house of worship today, as well as a National Historic Landmark. During your visit to FABC, you will see many original elements in the church, such as original pews on the balcony, original light fixtures and baptismal pool, the 1834 pipe organ, stained glass windows installed under the direction of the 5th pastor here, and classical west African Arabic script from the 1800s outside. There are several historically interesting elements throughout, such as the holes in the floor of the church that are made in the shape of an African prayer symbol meaning the 'Flash of the Spirits', BoKongo Cosmogram.

Haunted Savannah Tour

You will learn city history, legends, and more as you walk around the city, Savannah Magazine calling the experience with Haunted Savannah Tours 'interactive, multimedia storytelling at its most visceral'. The flagship tour for this company is the Original Haunted Savannah Tour, which happens 7 nights a week at 8 pm and is appropriate for all ages. The tour lasts about 90 minutes and allows guests to discover 'ghosts, ghouls, and legends' while also uncovering Savannah history. You will see haunted mansions, lost cemeteries, victorian ghosts, and hidden history, learning about things such as the yellow fever epidemic along the way.


Bonaventure Cemetery

Bonaventure is part natural cathedral, part sculptural garden, and part beautiful burial ground on a patch of Savannah land that truly transcends time. This cemetery came about in the Victorian era when death was romanticized and ritualized, making these grounds a lush city for the dead. Among the buried, you will find military generals, poet Conrad Aiken, lyricist Johnny Mercer, and Georgia's first governor Ed Telfair. Stroll around observing the beautiful architecture, tree-lined roadways, notable interments, and unique sculpture and folklore on your own or opt-in for any available Bonaventure Cemetery tours. On these tours, a master storyteller will spend over two hours walking the grounds and telling you everything by just looking around.

Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist

Welcome to the mother church of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Savannah, the magnificently gorgeous Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. Once here your group will see in person why this cathedral has been called one of the most awe-inspiring buildings in all of historic Savannah and also one of the most popular tourist attractions in all of Georgia. This must-see French Gothic southern cathedral is the perfect place to bring your camera in Savannah and go click crazy as you try and capture the spectacular beauty of the interior, from the amazing altar and stained glass windows from 1904 to the elaborately decorated walls and floors. Before you come here to remember that there are no visits on Sundays, although you are invited to attend mass if you wish.

Savannah City Market

Once here your group will be bombarded with a wealth of things to do, a vast range of fun entertainment, dining, art, and retail options. The anchor attraction at the City Market is known to be the 19,000 square foot Art Center. Strolling around this location will show your group three apartment buildings and 11,000 square feet of office space, as well as over 50 local artists, work strewn about several galleries and studios. You will be able to shop all the eclectic blends of specialty shops and discover plenty of unique Savannah gifts, art, and even homemade candy. Before you go make sure you take advantage of the casual atmosphere and outdoor dining eateries, or perhaps courtyard picnics, from such celebrated local restaurants as Belford's or Vinnie Van Go Go’s.