5-Day Paradise Experience

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Spend 5 days in paradise with your group as you explore the tropical island of Oahu, hitting all the most popular attractions along the way. Hike iconic trails like Diamond Head, snorkel the iconic waters of Hanauma Bay, and pay tribute to those fallen at the iconic Pearl Harbor memorial.


Hawaiian Flower Lei Greetings - The lei is an iconic symbol of the islands, meant to give a sense of the Hawaiian experience and welcome of tourism. Experience malihini, or your first taste of Hawaii and learn all about how visitors on boats used to throw their lei into the sea upon departure, in hopes to return to island life like the lei itself would upon the waves. Not only is the experience seeped in culture and history, but you and your group will also be able to relax upon arrival as your greeter answers any questions, helps you navigate with a map of Oahu, and gives insider tips on the best local points of interest.

Hawaii Oahu North Shore Credit Dawn Coy (9)

Hawaii Oahu North Shore Credit Dawn Coy (9)

Grand Circle Tour - Get to know Oahu's Grand Circle with a half or whole day driving tour, a great opportunity to see the area's most scenic and surf-filled spots. Your friendly and knowledgeable tour guides will provide live narration along your 'Grand Circle' route, allowing you to learn interesting historical and cultural facts along the way. Here is what you can expect to see during your tour:

  • Dole Pineapple Plantation
  • Haleiwa Surf Town
  • Scofield Army Base
  • Laniakea Turtle beach
  • Waimea Surf Beach
  • Pipeline Surf Beach
  • Sunset Surf Beach
  • Kahuku Shrimp Farm
  • Laie Mormon Temple
  • Polynesian Cultural Center

Pearl Harbor & USS Arizona Memorial - The centerpiece of the park is the USS Arizona Memorial, a structure built over the sunken remains of the battleship and the final resting place of 1,177 crewmen bombed in December 1941. The USS Arizona Memorial itself draws nearly two million visitors every year. Start your tour in the visitor's centers to gather basic information about the attack on Pearl Harbor, see historical exhibits containing artifacts from WWII, and see an introductory film in the Pearl Harbor Memorial Theater.

City Tour of Honolulu - There is a wide range of narrated educational and historic tour options in Honolulu, all designed to enhance your travel experience through learning about local landmarks and historic points of interest. Here is a sample of what you will likely see during your tour:

  • National Cemetery of the Pacific
  • Washington Place
  • Hawaii State Capitol
  • Iolani Palace
  • King Kamehameha Statue

Hanauma Bay Snorkeling - Hanauma Bay is a popular destination because of its vast array of natural wildlife. Tour the area, dive beneath the deep blue surface to meet sea turtles, explore the reef, and see the large population of parrotfish, or simply relax on the magnificently white sand shore. Beneath the waves, you're likely to see such creatures as the state fish of Hawaii, known as Humuhumunukunukuapuaa, a mouthful but a beautiful fish, as well as millet seed butterflyfish, yellow tangs, and much more.


Diamond Head Hiking - Hike along the eastern edge of Waikiki’s coastline in Honolulu for a day full of breathtaking scenery and refreshing recreation. In this region, you will encounter an inactive volcano surrounded by several different rugged trails, panoramic views, and wildlife viewing opportunities. There are short and easy hikes or much longer intense hikes available, at the spot many consider to be Hawaii’s most recognized landmark.

Sea Life Park - This is the place 'where the heart meets the sea', where you can enjoy the company of dolphins, sea lions, rays, sharks, native fish, and more! This park was first opened in 1964 and sits in a location 'nestled beneath the Ko'olau Mountain Range overlooking the Makapu'u Beach and Rabbit Island'. Sea Life Park has a heavy focus on educational and interactive programs, committed to the research, protection, and preservation of native marine species of Hawai'i.

  • Chiefs Luau