6 Day Washington DC & New York City Tour

Embark on a journey through time and experience the captivating history of two of America's most iconic cities. This six-day Washington DC & New York City tour will take visitors to some of the most important landmarks in the United States, including the White House, Statue of Liberty, National Mall and so much more. Along the way, learn about these cities' unique histories and cultures while exploring monuments, museums and vibrant neighborhoods. It's sure to be an unforgettable journey!

New York City Tour

Day 1 You'll See:

Day 2 You'll See:

Day 3 You'll See:

Day 4 You'll See:

  • Smithsonian Museums on the National Mall
  • Top of the Rock
  • Times Square

Day 5 You'll See:

  • Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island
  • National September 11 th Memorial & Museum
  • Chinatown
  • Broadway Play

Day 6 You'll See:

Pentagon Memorial- Pay tribute to the lives that were lost on 9/11 with a visit to the memorial. Reflect and remember those who perished, while renewing your faith in the spirit of America.

Arlington National Cemetery- Honor the fallen by visiting the burial site of over 400,000 people. Pay your respects to the unknown soldiers and all those who gave their lives for our freedom at the United States Army owned cemetery, known as “our Nation’s most hallowed ground”.

Monuments and Memorials Tour- Tour the monumental architecture dedicated to honoring our past. Explore these awe-inspiring tributes, and end your day in the best way possible.

Library of Congress- A giant in its class, the Library of Congress is home to a plethora of books, films, and much more! This unparalleled collection of assets is an invaluable source of culture, history, and heritage.

Supreme Court visit- Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the Supreme Court! This is your chance to see where some of the most important decisions in American history are made. Take a guided tour of this iconic institution and learn more about its role in our government. See first-hand how the justices reason through different cases and how the highest court in the land operates on a daily basis. With an informative and captivating visit, you will get a one-of-a-kind experience that you won't soon forget!

Capitol Hill Tour- Visit the landmark of our nation - the Capitol Building! This is where our government and its history come to life, with a plethora of historic events unfolding here both past and present. Tour the grounds, explore the architecture, learn more about our leaders, and get an unforgettable glimpse into American politics. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn more about one of America's most iconic places!

Mount Vernon- Step back in time and explore George Washington's historic abode. Take a guided tour of the landmark estate, learn more about its fascinating history, and envision what life would have been like when America's first president was alive. With its significance in American history, Mount Vernon is an unforgettable stop on your journey that you won't want to miss!

Alexandria’s Ghosts & Legends Lantern Tour- Get ready to explore the spooky and unknown! On Alexandria's Ghosts & Legends Lantern Tour, you will journey into the city's supernatural side. Listen to tales of haunted houses, mysterious sightings, and eerie lore as you visit some of Alexandria's most haunted places. With expert guides leading your way, take a fascinating late-night stroll and discover the city's hidden secrets.

White House Area Walking Tour- Discover the hidden gems of the White House Area on this delightful walking tour. See some of the most iconic landmarks like the Washington Monument, the White House, and the Lincoln Memorial as your knowledgeable guide provides unique insight into their history. Then explore gorgeous parks and lesser-known sites as you uncover new perspectives and discover hidden stories that bring this area to life.

Ford’s Theatre/Peterson House- The infamous location where president Abraham Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth. Learn more about the history of the theatre and tour the Peterson House where Lincoln was taken after being shot!

National Archives- Explore history, culture, and more at the National Archives in Washington DC. As one of the most popular destinations for tourists, you can take in a variety of exhibits that feature documents and artifacts that tell the story of America from its birth until today. Visit the National Archives for an unforgettable experience!

Holocaust Museum- Dive into one of the darkest moments in our history: the Holocaust. Here you will learn and see much more about the holocaust than ever before!


Smithsonian Museums on the National Mall- Step inside the Smithsonian Museums on the National Mall and discover a world of history and culture. Visit The National Museum of Natural History to explore Earth’s history, from dinosaurs to ancient artifacts. Explore American art and culture at The National Museum of American History, or visit The National Air & Space Museum to learn about the wonders of flight. No matter what your interests are, there is something for everyone in this iconic collection of museums. So come experience it all!

Top of the Rock- The ultimate observation deck in New York! Located inside the Rockefeller Center, this observation deck gives you a tremendous view of the city with a you will definitely not want to miss this scenic attraction!

Times Square Free Time- Explore famous Times Square! With many sights and sounds, shops and restaurants, you will really be able to experience the spirit of New York. You will remember this for years and years to come!

Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island- How can you go to New York and not go see the Statue of Liberty?! This icon is known and recognized WORLDWIDE! Learn more about the history of the statue, what it means, and about immigration!

National September 11th Memorial & Museum- The world changed forever after September 11, 2001. Here you will be able to pay your respects to those who lost their lives and honor their memories. This stop is truly a destination all Americans should make.

Chinatown- Next we get to explore the far east! Well, what feels like the far east but in New York City! As you tour this area of the city you will learn about it’s history and get to experience Chinatown in a way most Americans will never get to! Just be sure to be respectful and polite along the way!

Broadway Play- New York is also famous for something else—Broadway! Depending on your trip you will get to witness a Broadway production with your very own eyes! We want to be sure you have something to brag about when you return home!

Central Park- Relax and explore Central Park! Central Park is a wonderful place to enjoy leisure time and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the big city! This park is so beautiful and the setting of many Hollywood movies, prepare to make your own memories here!

American Museum of Natural History- Embark on an exciting adventure with a tour group to the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Explore the huge collections of artifacts and specimens that document our planet's history, from the depths of prehistoric oceans to the heights of high-altitude mountain ranges. Discover unique stories behind the animals, plants and minerals on display, learn about space exploration, and admire the incredible array of interactive exhibits. Come explore the past, present and future through a fascinating journey at this world-renowned institution!

Metropolitan Museum of Art- With over 2 million works of art on display, visitors can explore a vast array of cultures and eras, from Ancient Egypt and Greece to the Modern period. Discover masterpieces by world-renowned artists such as Monet, Renoir, Picasso, and Gauguin. View an array of arms and armor from medieval Europe or examine ancient artifacts from around the globe. A trip to the Met is an opportunity for an unforgettable experience!

5th Avenue Tour- Take a tour down 5th Avenue and discover the heart of New York City. Along this iconic stretch of road, visitors will see some of the most luxurious shopping stores in the world, stunning skyscrapers, lush parks, and much more. Enjoy a stroll along Central Park or take in the breathtaking views from the Empire State Building. Visit one of the city's renowned art galleries or marvel at the beauty of St. Patrick's Cathedral.