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Battleship Cove

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The world's largest collection of U.S. naval ships is located just outside of Boston in Fall River, Massachusetts. A commanding presence, the Battleship Cove is the heart of the waterfront, overtaking the area with five major national historic landmarks including a destroyer, a submarine, and a battleship.

Focusing on a "Pearl Harbor Experience," Battleship Cove takes you back to December 7, 1941, with living history demonstrations and scary-realistic special effects that make it seem as if you were under attack. This is the only outdoor reenactment of Pearl Harbor anywhere in the world. Head for cover at the Battleship USS Massachusetts, a gigantic construction first utilized as a part of Operation Torch in 1942 in the overtaking of North Africa. Onboard, you can tour the various decks, quarters, galleys, and rooms to see everything from the original guns used on Iwo Jima and Okinawa to the exhibits on her history during war and peacetime.

Also make time to see the Destroyer, USS Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr., known as "Joey P." by her beloved crew. Completed in only eight months, the Joey P. was commissioned in December 1945 and spent the first years of her career as a training vessel in the Atlantic and Caribbean until the Korean War where her destroyer capabilities were put to good use. Moreover, at Battleship Cove, you have the chance to see the USS Lionfish WWII submarine as well as several PT Boats and finally the Hiddensee, the only Soviet-built missile corvette in the U.S.

Aside from the spectacularly historic ships, visit museum exhibits on various topics including the women who have protected America since the Revolutionary War, exhibits on crew members who worked on naval ships, the men who worked picket duty during the Cold War, and D-Day among many other subjects.