Best Student Cruises for 2017

Teachers, we know your students would rather take to the water to learn a lesson than stay on dry land, which is why we have all the best in history, education, architecture, and wildlife watching we could find!

Blue sky over Cruise Ship.

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Students, these options are teen-tested and approved, just call us and ask how to make it happen!

  • Rock the Boat
    Live entertainment, dancing, swimming, karaoke, and performance options; this is a student group cruise paradise!
    Cruise Line: Carnival
    City: Galveston, Miami, Jacksonville, New Orleans, Port Canaveral
    Specialty: Performance, Education, Student Group cruises.
    Food: Fine Dining, Late Night, 24/7 Pizzeria, Casual Dining
    Time Span: 3-5 Days
  • Maid of the Mist
    There is truly no better way to experience the majesty of the falls than with a cruise right up next to them!
    Cruise Line: Niagara USA
    City: Niagara Falls
    Specials: The absolute closest views of the falls from below, guaranteed great view (and free shower).
    Food: None (concessions and gift shops with food, plus nearby restaurants).
    Time Span: 1-2 hours
  • The Nautica Queen
    Cleveland isn’t only known for sports and a great aquarium, it also owns one of the best U.S Riverboat Cruise options.
    Cruise Line: Personal
    City: Cleveland
    Specialty: Aquatic education, historic local information, and amazing sights.
    Food: Salad, beef, chicken, catch of the day, pasta, rice, veggies.
    Time Span: 1 hour to half day
  • Florida Airboats
    Not many students realize all that can be learned about one’s surroundings during a cruise, a fact especially true here in the everglades.
    Cruiseline: Wild Florida
    City: Orlando
    Specials: Wildlife cruise extraordinaire! See alligators, turkeys, wild hogs, eagles, and so much more than calls the Florida Everglades home.
    Food: None (except for the bait fed to the gators!)
    Time Span: 1-2 hours
  • Omaha River Star
    See the Missouri River like never before aboard Omaha’s favorite cruise line!
    Cruise Line: River City Star
    City: Omaha
    Specials: Views of a 3,000-foot suspension bridge, Bob Kerrey Pedestrian, as well as photo ops in 2 states at once (Iowa and Nebraska).
    Food: Lunch and Dinner Buffets
    Time Span: 1-3 hours
  • Gateway Riverboat Cruises
    Another river cruising master, St. Louis’ Gateway Arch riverboat will show you all the best scenery and history of the Mighty Mississippi.
    Cruiseline: Gateway Arch Riverboat
    City: St. Louis
    Specials: Historic cruises aboard specialty ships such as the Becky Thatcher or Tom Sawyer, as well as river sightseeing.
    Food: Cruise dependent (brunch buffets, boxed lunches, warm plate dinners).
    Time Span: 1-2 hours
  • Boston Harbor Cruises
    From high-speed Codzilla to the historic whale watching cruises, Boston has got this whole student cruising thing down!
    Cruise Line: Personal, Water Taxis, Ferries
    City: Boston
    Specials: Wide range of education: local history, American history, whale watching, holiday, and architecture.
    Food: Cruise dependent (brunch buffets, chef special dinners)
    Time Span: 1 hour - half day