Best Travel Agency for Washington DC Field Trips

Why exactly do we think, dare we say, know, that Adventure Student Travel is the best travel agency for Washington D.C Field Trips?

Well, actually, we have 5 really great reasons!CiCV8DwW0AAPJtJ

  1. Affordability -

    We make travelling to our nation’s capitol with a large student group as affordable as possible, allowing you room in your budget to see more presidential sites! Most student, scout, church, and college groups can easily make a trip with our company happen without extra fundraising!


  2. Customization -

    Adventure Student Travel allows your group to be in control of your daily schedule and itinerary, letting you choose your restaurants, lodging, and attractions if you want to while roaming around D.C. Of course, we also have some great suggestions for you along the way if you get stuck! Here are our top chosen sites to see in D.C by previous groups:
    - Arlington National Cemetery
    - Capitol Hill
    - Ford’s Theater
    - Lincoln Memorial
    - Mount Vernon
    - National Mall
    - Lincoln Memorial
    - Supreme Court
    - White House


  3. Customer Service -12191588_10100535496533072_9188764205919858197_n

    We are here to ensure you have the most smooth and fun trip possible, and we are waiting by our phones to assist in any dilemma you have along the way! No, really, we will have someone on call for groups travelling to and from D.C 24/7! We're a super force to be reckoned with when it comes to great customer service! 


  4. Private Tours -

    Once in Washington D.C, our company will get you set up and connected with some of the best private tour companies we know, allowing you to see such monumental sites as the White House or Lincoln Memorial much more closely than before.


  5. Diverse Options -13394005_10153504218316993_974750054297215033_n

    When it comes to sending groups to D.C, we’re kind of experts, meaning we have a HUGE myriad of options of things to do, eat, and see while there. Some of the lesser known but still popular options we offer include:
    - African Art Museum
    - Alexandria’s Ghosts and Legends Lantern Tour
    - DEA Museum
    - Howard University
    - US Holocaust Memorial Museum

    You can also visit Washington D.C Educational Tours to see more options!

With our excellent one on one service, our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and our thousands of happy clients, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed when you choose Adventure Student Travel for your next group excursion to Washington D.C!