California Agricultural Museum

California Agricultural Museum

Featuring over 100 vintage tractors, farm artifacts, and a fun kid's play area, the California Agriculture Museum is a great stop to make for groups interested in a local agricultural history lesson!

Technically located in Woodland, California, just about 20 minutes away from Sacramento, this 45,000 square foot museum/warehouse space is open each Wednesday through Sunday, 10 am to 4 pm. The museum was first founded in 1995, though it has been collecting since 1930.

Inside your group will find wagons, harvesters, tractors, wheel and crawlers, combines, trucks, and more, the collection considered to be 'the nation's most unique collection of tractors and artifacts'. These machines 'tell the history of farm to fork, dating back to the Gold Rush era'. You will learn of the evolution from horse-drawn to steam-driven, to fuel-powered. You will also be able to explore art, photo galleries, and a fun Kid's Zone, which takes you back to a simpler time when play depended on imagination.

School groups will be especially interested in the opportunities for scavenger hunts, agriculture adventures, guided group tours, and other student field trip programs.


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