Children’s Creativity Museum

Children's Creativity Museum

San Francisco's Children's Creativity Museum is our top educational attraction choice for students ages 2-12, this museum allowing this age group to explore innovative art and technology experiences perfect for their skill level. The Creativity Museums helps nurture creativity and collaboration by allowing students to participate in various hands-on activities such as making music videos, short films, and claymation features.

Critical thinking is focused on within the museum, as is the importance of fostering imagination and creativity in this next generation. Students will have several different activity-focus choices within, with such areas as the Communication Lab, Imagination Lab, Animation Studio, Technology Lab, Music Studio, and Innovation Lab. There is also a Play Patio for younger visitors.

To give you an example of what you will be seeing and doing during your visit, here's a quick rundown of what happens within the Imagination Lab. Your students will be able to dig around in AR Sandboxes and form the kinetic sand sculptures, enjoy interactive map marker technology, and discover the DIY Cloud Gallery, a truly innovative museum addition.

There are various educational workshops, girl scouts activities, day and summer camps, and field trip opportunities here, so be sure to check for anything special during your visit. There is also an onsite 'Creativity Theater' that puts on regular performances, screenings, and presentations, so plan an extra hour or so to visit!


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