Do’s and Don’ts of Carry On Luggage

Packing for a big flight can be confusing at times, especially when it comes to your carry on luggage. That's why we've put together this simple, quick, do's and don'ts cheat sheet to help you through your next Carry On Luggage debacle!

 Do's - 

  • Check your measurements: 

    It is always important to make sure both your carry on bag and luggage are up to code as far as acceptable measurements go. According to American Airlines, the carry on bag must be 22 x 14 x 9 inches or 23 x 36 x 56 cm. 

  • Use an appropriate bag option: 

    Here are a few basics of carrying on luggage: you will be allowed one bag and one personal item, such as a purse, case, or laptop bag, that must fit under your seat. It is important to remember that you only have your overhead compartment and under your seat for storage. The types of bags that are welcomed as carrying on luggage are as follows: backpack, shoulder bag, roller bag. 

  • Be organized: 

    TSA will take a considerably less amount of time checking your carry on if it is packed in a well-organized manner. The fewer things to dig around and/or under, the better!

  • Pack the essentials: 


    Airport Pixabay Public Domain

    Here's what you will need to pack in your carry on-
    Important Travel Info: Wallet, passport, keys, cash, credit cards, documented important phone numbers, CEA Arrival Card, location information, flight itinerary, travel insurance, personal documents.
    Toiletries: Chapstick, tissues, hand sanitizer, lotion, prescription medication, Dramamine, hair ties, mini toothbrush, contact case or glasses, deodorant, feminine products.
    Sleep/Comfort: Earplugs, sweater, eye mask, jacket/blanket, pillow.
    Entertainment: Book, magazine, electronic chargers, Ipad/tablet, headphones, pen and paper, camera.
    Food + Drink: trail mix, mints/gum, water

Don'ts - 

    • Pack forbidden items: 

      There are certain items that you should never pack for a flight, here are a few: 
      - Over 3 oz liquids:
      You may pack small containers of liquid such as perfume, gel deodorant, and liquid makeup, as long as they are in a separate sealed bag. Baby formula and like items are acceptable in larger forms as well.  
      - Liquids in bottles:
      You may buy water once past security barriers
      - Metal objects: Anything that won't get you through the metal detectors is an obvious no for packing. 
      - Weapons: Objects such as knives, Mace, and pepper spray are also obviously forbidden in an airport.
      - Fruits + Veggies,
       Sports Equipment, Over-sized Electronics, Wrapped Gifts, Coats

    • Forget to get essentials out of the bag:

      Sometimes in the rush of boarding and settling in we forget to get out all the essential in-flight items before stowing away your carry on, so be sure to get the following items out of your bag before you sit down! - snacks, pillow, book, pen, chapstick/lotion, medicine, music/headphones

    • Overpack:


      Luggage Tag PIxabay Public Domain

      When it comes to carrying on luggage, sometimes less really is more. Be light and organized as well as you can!