Faith and Liberty Discovery Center

Faith and Liberty Discovery Center

Liberty's Light Credit Faith and Liberty Discovery Center

The Faith and Liberty Discovery Center envisions the American people and visitors from around the world will be engaged with the Bible and inspired by its life-changing message.

The Faith and Liberty Discovery Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, explores the relationship between faith and liberty in America from its founding until today. The museum is meant to serve as a place for inspiration, engagement, and personal discovery, allowing guests to discover the faith and liberty relationship and decide what it means to them as both human beings and as citizens of the United States.

Your group's visit will be an immersive self-guided experience, the research-backed by a team of top historians, religious experts, and legal scholars from across the nation. Explore 25,000 square feet of museum space of six main galleries. You will be engaged through film, interactive media, imagery, artifacts, discussion, and reflection. At the beginning of your journey you will be picking up an interactive lamp, this lamp allows you to engage with exhibits and even save key elements for you to review and reflect on later.

You will see things such as the current online collection, Visions of America, which puts the spotlight on key principles America was founded on and the people that stood behind them. For instance, see Unity with Abraham Lincoln, Hope with Sojourner Truth, and Liberty with George C. Marshall.