Mural Arts Philadelphia Tour

Mural Arts Philadelphia Tour

Explore the world's largest outdoor art gallery.

Philadelphia has been named the 'City of Murals', the city holding a constantly growing number of murals scattered all throughout the streets of the city for your viewing pleasure.

That being said, it makes sense that you will find the nation's largest public art program here, Mural Arts Philadelphia. Dedicated to the belief that art ignites change, this program has been uniting artists and communities for over 35 years now, taking part in about 50-100 projects in the city each year.

This program, as well as many locals, believe that murals are art that transforms public spaces and individual lives, allowing you to 'look, listen, connect, create, and celebrate'.

Your group will spot many murals along the route of your trip to Philadelphia, but you can also choose specifically to take a public, private, or group tour with Mural Arts Philadelphia. These tours allow guests to learn beautiful visual history from professional guides, weaving your group through diverse neighborhoods by foot, train, trolley, or segway. There are Private Tours, Group Interactive Tours, and special Public Tours such as the African American Iconic Trolley Tour. There are also regular art education programs as well as various civic engagement opportunities with Mural Arts Philadelphia. Private groups will have the additional option to do experiential mural painting, also.

Some examples of murals you may see on your tour or while simply exploring the city on your own include Philadelphia Rowing, Convergence, Migrant Imagery, Philadelphia Marathon Mural, Strength in Our Bonds, Industrious Light, and much more.