Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House

Frank Lloyd Wright's Martin House

Frank Lloyd Wright built the Martin House complex between 1903 and 1905. Leading Frank Lloyd Wright scholars consider the house to be one of Wright's finest achievements of the Prairie period. The complex contains five interconnected buildings that were designed as a unified composition and visiting, you'll see that the landscape design is highly integrated with the overall composition of the buildings.

In the course of the visit, the student group will have the opportunity to walk around the Martin House and be introduced to Frank Lloyd Wright's innovative design concepts that defined his Prairie-style of design. The pupils will see the primary first-floor rooms of the main Martin House, the pergola, conservatory, and the carriage house. You can check out Wright-designed furniture, art glass, and light fixtures. The team will experience the harmony of Wright’s nature-inspired architecture, the connections between the interior and exterior spaces, and the pioneering methods that were used in the construction of this outstanding residential complex.

At the museum, the group will have the opportunity to check out fascinating collections of artifacts. There are collections in categories such as Furnishings and Decorative Objects, the Japanese Print Collection, the Art Glass Collection, and Artifacts and Archival Collections. The Art Glass Collection contains 394 of Frank Lloyd Wright-designed panels of art glass and here your group will find doors, windows, pier cluster casements, skylights, lay lights, and sidelights.